[Solved] Subaru Carplay Not Working (10 Easy Proven Fixes!)

Your Subaru CarPlay might be one of the most incredible things that you relish and take advantage of ever since you started your driving journey!

Why not if you can directly connect your iPhone to its infotainment system and painlessly access your iOS apps, right?

Unfortunately, your CarPlay suddenly stops working! How can you fix this hurdle?

Reasons Why Subaru CarPlay Is Not Working

You might think a thousand times about why your Subaru CarPlay is not functioning properly as it did before. Fret no more and check the list below of the possible reasons why you cannot navigate a map, listen to music, send and receive messages, or even make a call using your CarPlay in the meantime.

  1. Outdated iOS or Apple phone
  2. Outdated CarPlay applications
  3. Your iPhone is not compatible with CarPlay
  4. CarPlay is disabled
  5. Other car connections are blocking
  6. Your iPhone is on airplane mode
  7. Your iPhone and CarPlay are not successfully connected wirelessly
  8. Faulty or low-quality MFI cable or USB-IF
  9. CarPlay is not allowed when iOS is locked
  10. Too much going on that you need to restart and re-establish the connection

How Can You Fix Subaru Carplay That Is Not Working?

You can fix Subaru Carplay that is not working by updating iOS/Apple phone, updating applications on CarPlay, checking device compatibility, enabling CarPlay, disconnecting other car connections, disabling airplane mode, checking Bluetooth connection, using only quality cables, allowing CarPlay when locked, and re-establishing the connection.

Updating iOS or Apple phone

Subaru CarPlay may not function correctly if your iPhone is outdated. To successfully connect your iPhone and CarPlay, you need to make updates to have the required driver or software.

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You can update your iOS device through its settings or a computer.

If you want to update through your iPhone, connect it to Wi-Fi and set it to automatically back up first. Next, go to “Settings”, look for “General”, and choose “Software Update”. Click “Customize Automatic Update” or “Automatic Updates”.

If you want to update through your computer, simply connect your iOS device to it. Open “iTunes”, click the “device icon” located at the left panel on the upper part of the select, and select “Sync” or “Back Up Now”. Next, look for “Update” and click “Download and Install”. After reading the new features or changes for your iOS, click “Next”, then “Agree”.

Updating applications on Apple CarPlay

If the applications in your CarPlay are not updated, they will not run which simply means you cannot use them. The CarPlay itself is not the faulty one, but rather the applications that you have on your phone.

Since your iOS device and CarPlay act as one once you connect them, you can update the applications by updating them through your iPhone.

First, open the App Store and click on your profile on the upper part of the screen. Check to see if there are release notes and pending updates. You can either click the “Update” button next to the application you only want to update, or you can click “Update All” instead.

Check device compatibility

Not all iOS devices are compatible with Apple CarPlay. You can check Apple’s website for the latest information about this ultimate copilot for your car.

Below is the list of iPhone models that are compatible with CarPlay. Check them out as yours might no longer meet the required features; thus, you need to buy a new one!

  1. iPhone 14 (14, Plus, Pro, Pro Max)
  2. iPhone 13 (13, 13 mini, Pro, Pro Max
  3. iPhone 12 (12, 12 mini, Pro, Pro Max)
  4. iPhone 11 (11, Pro, Pro Max)
  5. iPhone XS and XS Max
  6. iPhone X and XR
  7. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  8. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  9. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  10. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  11. iPhone SE (1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation)
  12. iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c

Enable CarPlay on iPhone

CarPlay will not work if it is disabled on your iOS device. To make it launch, you should confirm if it is enabled or not.

Go to “Settings”, look for “Screen Time”, and click “Content and Privacy Restrictions”. If enabled, the toggle for “Content and Privacy Restrictions” is turned on and is color green. Yet, this does not mean all applications are allowed.

And so, choose “Allowed Apps” and make sure to enable CarPlay by sliding its toggle green.

Disconnect connections

If you have another CarPlay profile hooked up to your iPhone, you should get rid of it and just stick to the one that you are using at the moment.

You can check the Bluetooth connectivity of your car’s infotainment system to see any unnecessary connections.

Likewise, you can also look into your iPhone by going to General Setting (CarPlay). Click on the vehicle’s name that you want to remove, choose “Forget”, and set it up again.

Make sure the phone is not in the Airplane mode

Your iOS device needs to have a signal so it can connect to the CarPlay and be able run applications. If your iPhone has no service, its GPS, WI-FI, cellular service, and Bluetooth will not work.

If there is no signal, the airplane mode might be turned on. You should confirm and turn it off to solve your problem.

Go to the “Settings” of your iPhone and click the “On/Off” button next to the Airplane Mode. Once you disable airplane mode, the airplane icon will disappear.

Check Bluetooth connection

You can connect your iPhone to CarPlay wirelessly if you want. This can be more convenient for you without the messy cable and all.

Make sure you have successfully connected because if not, CarPlay won’t be able to pair with your device and might not assist you on the road.

Use a quality MFI cable or USB-IF

If you want to connect your iOS device to CarPlay through a cable, you must use high-quality ones. Do not try to plug in low-quality MFI cables or USB-IF as they may not be compatible with the standard of the infotainment system.

It is recommended to use what the manufacturer has provided. If not, be sure to purchase cables from reputable brands only. 

Allow CarPlay when locked

It is not enough that you enable CarPlay through your phone. You should also take note that it is equally important to allow its functioning even if your device is locked.

To do so, go to “Settings”, look for “General”, and click “CarPlay”. Next, toggle on “Allow CarPlay While Locked”.

Re-establish connection

You can also re-establish the connection by restarting your iPhone and your vehicle. Sometimes, a reboot is all we need to solve a frustrating issue, right?

First, go to “Settings”, click “General”, then tap “CarPlay”. Search for the name of the car that you want to connect to and tap it. Next, choose “Forget this car” and restart your vehicle and iPhone. Switch on both and connect them again wirelessly or through a cable.

How to Set Up Subaru CarPlay?

  1. Connect your iPhone to CarPlay through a cable or Bluetooth.
  2. On your Subaru infotainment screen, you will see a prompt where you need to select “Yes” to enable Apple CarPlay.
  3. Meanwhile, on your iPhone choose “Allow” to enable Apple CarPlay.
  4. Your iPhone and Subaru CarPlay are now connected.

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