[Solved] Asus Tablet Not Charging (Here’s The Quick Solution)

Asus tablets are an awesome deal for customers who are looking for affordable yet quality devices. These amazing gears are competing in the market today with their good features!

However, these devices have issues when it comes to charging.

Find out how you can effectively resolve the “not-charging” problem of your Asus tablet!


Causes Why Asus Tablet Is Not Charging

The Asus tablet is not charging due to various reasons such as issues with its charging port, battery, charger, software, and possible over charging.

Though Asus is already well-established in the tech market industry, its products are not exempted from glitches that even famous, big brands experience.

If you are a first-time owner of an Asus tablet, you will surely feel anxious when your device suddenly fails to charge. The anxiety will even double up if the tablet is just newly purchased and you are yet to relish the worth of your money!

Below are the possible culprits to blame for this charging issue.

Clogged Charging Port

Your Asus tablet may not charge properly if its charging port is clogged. Inside the port may be heaps of dust preventing the correct attachment of its pins to the pins of the charger.

Twisted or Busted Charging Port

If you are sure that the charging port of your Asus tablet is not obstructed yet still not charging, the port might be twisted or busted then.

The port of your tablet is highly sensitive, so it might be bent if you are not careful whenever you charge it. If the port is crooked, the pins of the charger will not be affixed to it accurately.

If not twisted, the charging port is possibly damaged, needing more critical solutions to be repaired.

Damaged Battery

The battery of your Asus tablet is the key factor in why it powers up. Thus, this is also another element to check if your device is not charging.

In the event of failure to charge, your tablet’s battery might not be in its best condition.

Perhaps, the battery is deformed that it may even explode if you continue charging it. The charging issue may also be due to your tablet’s battery age, precluding its capacity to store sufficient energy.

Incompatible or Defective Adapter

If the root of the crisis is not your Asus tablet itself, the liable might be the charger, specifically its adapter. It may either be incompatible with the charging cable or is simply broken.

You may check this by connecting a different charging cable to the adapter. If the different cable is not working with it but working fine with other adapters, your adapter is already defective.

Incompatible or Defective Charging Cable

The charging cable can be a further reason why your Asus tablet is not charging. Just like the adapter, it can be either incompatible or defective.

The current charging cable that you are using may not be the most suitable one for your adapter and tablet. This commonly happens when you are using another brand of cable since its capabilities may not meet the features or specifications of your Asus tablet.

Your charging cable may also be physically faulty which prevents it from doing its job. There can be rips on it caused by mishandling which can damage its wires. Its pins can be flawed as well, resulting in its unsuccessful attachment to the tablet’s port.

Software Problem

The problem with the Asus tablet is not only limited to its hardware as software issues can also be the main reason for unsuccessful charging. Your tablet may not charge properly if its system is outdated or some resetting is needed.

Over Discharging

Some may not be aware of this reason, but deep discharging or over discharging is a probable reason why your Asus Tablet is not charging. The battery may appear dead if caught in this situation as too much charge was used out of it – more than the set limitation it is designed to handle.

How To Fix An Asus Tablet Not Charging?

You can fix the charging issue of your Asus Tablet by cleaning or fixing its charging port, replacing its battery, using a new charger, updating its software, allowing its battery to recover from overcharging, or resetting it . If these options did not work, you need to bring your tablet to a certified technician.

After learning all the possible reasons why your Asus tablet is not charging, you surely want to know how you can resolve them effectively, right?

Well, fret no more as you can follow some simple tips that will save you from extreme headaches and make you feel like a pro! Below are the steps that you can follow to charge your Asus tablet successfully and be able to use it properly again.

  • For the issue with clogged ports, you just need to clean it. You can use a toothpick to remove any dirt or dust stuck inside it.
  • For a twisted charging port, you can use a small pair of tweezers to reposition it or put it back to its original shape.
  • If the charging port is faulty, you need to bring it to the Asus service center or any professional technician as a new port is needed for replacement.
  • If the battery is defective, you need to replace it with a new one. You can replace the battery yourself; you just need to buy a new compatible one for your specific Asus tablet. If you are doubtful of your skills, you can simply bring your device to a service center to prevent further damage as well.
  • For the incompatible or damaged adapter, you need to buy a new one which is highly suitable for the specifications of your Asus tablet. It is highly recommended to use the original adapter of your tablet and not of other brands. If not, you should buy a good quality one that will not spoil your device.

Use your adapter properly and make sure it will not fall from high places. Avoid spilling liquids on it as well and putting it under direct sunlight.

  • If the pins of the charging cable are quite damaged, you can try fixing it using a small pair of tweezers. If not successful, you should get yourself a new one.

Just like the adapter, the charging cable of your Asus tablet must be a compatible one – most likely its original cable. You can also use other cables as long as they are of good quality to prevent harms to both your tablet and adapter.

  • When you over discharge your tablet, you should allow some time for its battery to recover.

Make sure your device is completely turned off before charging it again. It will not charge right away once you plug in the charger to it, but wait for another two to three hours than your usual charging time before trying to open it.

  • For the software problem, try updating your Asus tablet. This can resolve the whole charging issue if its program is simply outdated.
  • You can also try restarting your Asus tablet. Just long-press its power button or from the options on the display, click restart or reboot.
  • Resetting your tablet to the factory setting can also resolve the charging issue. First, turn off your device. Next, press and hold the Volume UP Key + Power Key to turn it on again. Once the System Recovery screen is displayed, select Factory Reset.

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What Are Other Related Problems From This Issue?

Other related problems from the charging issue of Asus tablet are weak energy source, intensive use while charging, and misuse of both the tablet and its charger.

There are other root causes that are set aside whenever owners experience issues with charging their devices. Owners usually focus on the device itself, charger, or software without realizing other possible reasons that are connected with their actions.

First, the energy source is an important factor to charge up your Asus tablet smoothly. If the source is weak, no matter how long you charge it or despite using its original charger, the charge will not go up fast.

Slow charging is possible if you will charge through the USB port of a computer, your car, or through a power bank. Charge to a compatible electrical outlet (100 – 240 volts) instead to improve the charging speed.

Next, you may think that your tablet is not charging or seems to be charging poorly if you are using it at the same time. Intensive use while charging can discharge energy faster than recharging. Stop playing games, listening to music, and close any running applications if you want to charge your Asus tablet faster.

Lastly, the actions of owners themselves contribute greatly to the functions of their Asus tablets and chargers. If they are not taking care and maintaining their devices properly, you can expect failure of operations.

If the devices are used appropriately and kept in safe places (away from any liquid, intense heat, and moisture), their lifespan will surely last long. Asus tablets should be kept away from sharp objects and avoid putting objects on top of it as well.


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