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We cover everything tech that focuses on solving people’s problems around consumer electronics by creating a troubleshooting how-to guide. We reach more than 20 thousand people monthly through our blog and social media.

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At TechActiv, our mission is to inform our readers with the most accurate troubleshooting how-to guide, tech news, and practical information.

It’s important to us that we always provide the most researched and accurate information to help provide you with a solution. Our goal is to help as many people we can with our blog on the internet!

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Daniel is a professional writer who specializes in technology. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Currently, he is a Senior Editor at Back2Gaming.com. He’s a nerd for tech but a gamer at heart.

He’s been writing articles for over a decade and has written various articles covering PC Components, Video Games, gadgets, Featured Technology, and many more. His neighbours call him “The IT Guy” who fixes their router and computer problems for a piece of cookie and milk.


Susan is a professional writer. After finishing her studies, she started writing different content for different topics all around the world. She has been a writer for eight years and has always been so fulfilled with her work! Today, she shares her passion for innovation through this website which really fills her heart with so much bliss!

Also, she desires to share helpful, reliable, and unbiased information and tips about tech and gadgets. She hopes to offer informative content that can answer users’ questions and help them fix their problems.

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