5 Common Problems with Breville Microwave (with Solution)

Breville is an Australian company that producing high-quality & innovative kitchen aid, and Microwaves are one of them.

With Breville Microwaves as part of our daily lives, facing its day-to-day struggles can be a bit of a hassle.

List of Common Problems with Breville Microwave

Breville Microwaves are known for being one of the most reliable microwaves in the market. However, encountering minor issues can cause a bit of a panic, but you don’t have to worry anymore.

Listed below are the typical troubles that arise with your Breville Microwaves and ways to get through them.

1. Breville Microwave Interrupting Radio & TV frequency, and Wi-Fi Signals

You may not have noticed this sooner, but, yes they do! This information may be a shocker but don’t worry. We got you covered below

Electromagnetic Radiation

Microwaves and radio waves are both states of Electromagnetic radiation. That’s why electrical signals can cause interference with appliances that use these radiations.

To fix this situation, you can start by cleaning the microwave door and safeguarding the surfaces of the microwave. Then, reorient the radio, TV, or Wi-Fi antenna.

After doing so, you can now relocate the microwave away from these appliances, so you can lessen the interference of electrical signals.

2. Faint Breville Microwave Light

Dim microwave sometimes is a hassle, especially for those who prefer to use the microwave in bright light. To know why this occurs, find it out below

Low Power Level Setting

Your Breville Microwave comes with a low power level setting that includes dimming your microwave lights.

To fix dimmed lights, dial back the setting into the default one.

3. Steam Accumulates on the Microwave Door, and Heated Air Comes Out from the Ventholes

This occurrence might panic some, but you don’t have to. Here’s how to settle this kind of dilemma

Regular operation

Breville would like to assure you that steam usually is produced during your microwave’s regular operation. That’s why you don’t have to worry about that accumulated steam.

Faulty microwave ventholes

The steam escapes through the microwave’s vent holes during regular operation. If the steam dramatically accumulates, there might be a chance that the vents trap dirt, causing the steams to become trapped and accumulate inside the microwave.

To fix this, clean the vents to avoid accumulated dirt.

4. Breville microwave does not start

This bothersome situation sometimes sparks panic for users. It even stimulates overthinking that your microwave is damaged.

However, you don’t have to be dismayed because there is an easy way to make your day.

The power cord’s not plugged in properly

The Power cord is the primary source of your microwave’s electrical power.

The practical solution to fix this is, first, unplug the power cord and plug it again, carefully this time. After plugging it in, switch on your microwave.

Circuit break has problems or the fuse blown

Microwave circuit and the fuse play significant roles in your microwave’s operation. You can reset the circuit breaker and replace the fuse to fix this problem.

Faulty Outlet

If the problem already lies with the outlet, DIYs are not advised for safety reasons. Because of that, it’s time to seek professional repair help to check your microwave’s outlet.

5. Breville Microwave’s LCD Time Digit Displays 00 Quickly, then Displays 1 or 0 and Remains at 1 or 0.

Written below are the ways to fix them

Both A BIT MORE™ & SMART REHEAT buttons are pressed simultaneously when the default mode is set

If the LCD time digit remains at 0, you can get your Breville Microwave checked for repair.

On the other hand, if the LCD time digit remains at 1, you can fix this by pressing STOP/CLEAR to place your microwave back to its default mode.

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Breville Microwave Pro & Cons

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages is one of the most practical things to do when buying a microwave. Because of this approach, you can identify the capabilities of your oven and its inabilities.

The benefits and drawbacks of owning Breville Microwaves are written below for your convenience.


It comes with a crisper pan

Your Breville Microwave has its crisper pan. Crisper pans are excellent for crisping up foods that tend to sag up when reheating. These foods are pies and pizzas.

The crisper pan also has elevation level options. You can place it in a high position, or you may prefer to keep the crisper pan lowered. All of it depends on how you like your food crispy.

Digital time display

One of the most valuable functions of a microwave is its digital time display. Some microwaves do not have this feature, and fortunately, Breville has.

This feature lets the user know the exact time left you they can do other things while waiting for their reheated food.

Beep volume

Another advantage of Breville is that their microwaves come with a beep volume, namely low, medium, and high.

This function is essential because not all people have a strong sense of hearing. This function is ideal for the elderly who often use microwaves.

Child lock function

This function is most beneficial for stay-at-home moms left with their toddlers. Toddlers love to play around, and the kitchen may be one of their favorite places to go.

To further ensure safety, your Breville Microwave comes with a Child-lock function. You could access this function by pressing the A Bit More button. When you finally succeed, the Child lock Symbol will appear on the LCD of your microwave.


Actual operating temperature is not displayed

This function is essential, especially for those who preheat their microwave ovens first before placing their food. Without this, the user won’t know how it’s going inside.

The internal light is sometimes dim

Some users may not know that their Breville Microwaves come with a Power Level setting. In this way, it’s hard for them to see the food being heated inside the microwave.

No recipe book included

Other microwave companies provide recipe book that contains cooking instructions for food that goes best with their microwaves.

However, Breville Microwaves do not have the said inclusion. This instance may become a turn-off for some users. However, this may be a minor issue for some.

How Long Should a Breville Microwave Last?

According to Breville Microwave owners, Breville Microwaves last for about 9-10 years.

One of the most practical ways to make your Breville Microwaves last for a long time is to take care of them and keep them appropriately maintained.

Microwaves tend to be the most used kitchen aid. Of course, just like all appliances, they will deteriorate as time passes. What matters most is that we take care of them appropriately and wipe the greases off the microwave’s interior and exterior.

By doing all of this, you can ensure that your Breville Microwave will stay longer than you think it will.

Is It Worth Repairing a Breville Microwave?

Generally, repair costs are cheaper than buying a new one. That’s why as long as repair costs don’t overweigh the costs of purchasing a new one, then it’s worth repairing Breville Microwave.

Appliances like Microwaves surely need gradual repairs. However, it’s a different topic when we talk about how often these repairs occur and how much these repairs individually cost.

Some repairs cost about $100, and they last for the next ten years. On the other hand, some repairs happen monthly, weekly, or worst every other day.

If your microwave demands to be repaired frequently, then it’s time to say goodbye because your microwave is not worth repairing anymore.

It’s important to weigh things first before making a decision. Sound decision-making is not only practical for big decisions. They are also crucial for small decisions like this.

Is It Worth Buying a Breville Microwave?

Breville Microwaves come in different price ranges, and with the quality of how these microwaves are made, they are worth buying.

Breville Microwaves price ranges from $150-$450. This price range covers microwaves with 900-2500 wattage. If you worry about paying an unbelievable cost for a microwave, Breville is undoubtedly not a problem for you.

Just remember that every time you decide what to buy, do not buy out of impulse or just because the ads or sales assistants persuaded you. Before deciding on anything, always weigh the benefits and drawbacks first.