Are Acer Laptops Durable? Yes and No. Here’s Why (Read This First!)

If you are not a techie person, you would probably have a headache trying to figure out which brand to get among the many options that look the same.

Then, you saw Acer – a cheap yet promising laptop that might be the one for you. But first, it is durable?


Are Acer Laptops Durable?

Yes. Acer laptops are durable, however, not all of them feature high sturdiness. The most durable ones are its medium-range to top-of-the-line laptop models.

Acer is a reliable brand that you should not doubt. It is included in the list of the top laptop brands around the globe with a proven track record of quality and performance.

It has the reputation of being a budget-friendly laptop that is surely a perfect pick for those with limited finances needing an efficient device for everyday use.

Most of its famous models are the affordable ones. And of course, with their cheap prices, you can expect that they are not as durable as those high-priced laptops. This gives Acer an impression of affordable yet not-so-excellent-quality devices.

It may be included in the group of recommended laptop brands, yet it is not on the top options. Most of its devices are not as robust as other brands due to the low-quality materials used to build them to keep their retail price competitively low.

However, you should not lose your confidence in Acer. Its medium-range to premium laptops are certainly a stand-out in the market! They are built with better quality, more features, and greater performance so they are highly recommended to be purchased.

The affordable laptop models of Acer may not be highly durable, yet its high-end devices that come with expensive amounts are worthy of an investment that will surely not be left behind by other brands!

Overall, Acer is still a good laptop brand that you should consider buying based on your standards. The durability of its laptops depends on the price and materials, thus, you should do your research first before deciding what specific Acer laptop you want.

How Durable Are Acer Laptops?

The medium-range to high-end laptop models of Acer are highly durable. Meanwhile, the budget-friendly ones are not so sturdy and can be of low quality, but still a good pick.

Not all Acer laptops have the same durability. The affordable ones are usually not very sturdy compared to the premium devices that can withstand heavy usage and a drastic environment.

Of course, cheap laptops come with low-grade materials and only a few features so they are not as reliable and enduring compared to the high-quality series.

On the contrary, you cannot be wrong with the medium to high-range laptops of Acer. They surely come with a price, but they are worthy of your investment as they are innovatively designed and manufactured to meet the needs of their future users!

How Long Do Acer Laptops Normally Last?

Acer laptops normally last between 3 to 6 years. Their life span highly depends on the materials used on them, possible manufacturing defects, way of usage, and maintenance.

Since Acer has different series of laptops that come with different materials and prices, their life span varies as well. Usually, the cheaper ones will not endure the same years as the pricey laptops due to differences in their quality. 

On average, Acer laptops can be effectively used between 3 to 6 years. The premium models can even last longer if properly maintained.

One big contributor to the length of a device’s life is the materials used on it. Top-grade materials will surely extend the lifespan of a laptop as it can better endure various conditions that can cause damages to both its hardware and software.

The manufacturing defects also affect the survival rate of an Acer laptop. If your device happens to, unfortunately, have some flaws while being built, then its performance and physical features will deteriorate faster over time. The best thing that you can do about this is to use the warranty of your device to fix its defects – if it is still under the guarantee period, of course.

Additionally, Ace laptops will surely last for 3 to 6 years if these are being used correctly and carefully. The user has a big part in extending the life of any device.

With proper usage and maintenance, you can be sure that your laptop will stick with you for quite a long period regardless if it is cheap or expensive.

To lengthen the life of your Acer laptop, you should not expose it to too much temperature, avoid overcharging it, and do not overclock it. Likewise, be mindful not to spill any liquid on it, prevent making any hardware damage on it, and always make sure that its fans are not blocked to avoid overheating.

You can also extend the life of your Acer laptop by replacing its defective parts such as the battery and keyboard. Upgrading both of its hardware and software will surely help in maintaining its effective performance for a longer time.

Do They Last As Long As Other Laptops?

Yes, Acer laptops last as long as other laptops.

Just like other competing companies in the market, Acer has already established a respected and trusted name when it comes to affordable yet quality laptops. It is not an underdog as per the period of service it can provide to its owners.

Acer laptops can definitely last as long as other laptops – usually from 3 to 6 years, or even more!

Just like competitors, the lifespan of Acer laptops highly depends on the quality of their materials and the way of usage and maintenance of the users. With proper care, these devices will surely last even up to 8 years!

However, it is important to take note that these long-lasting laptops are Acer’s premium machines that can guarantee reliability and durability. The cheaper models may not survive as long as these more expensive devices.

How Long Is The Warranty On Acer Laptops?

Acer laptops have the standard one-year warranty for parts and services that can be extended by one or two years.

Warranty is an important factor that you must consider when buying a laptop as this will guarantee a couple of years of protection for your device at no cost. This shall definitely save you money so it is a must that you know what it covers and when it will last.

Acer is offering a standard one-year warranty for all its laptops. The warranty starts from the date of the purchase which covers parts and services required due to manufacturing and workmanship damages. It also grants 90-day software assistance after the laptop’s acquisition.

The standard guarantee of Acer does not include incidents beyond its power such as abuse of users, failure of operating and maintenance, natural disasters, damages because of accidents, and pest infestations.

Additionally, its warranty does not cover transportation and delivery expenses, damaged parts due to normal tearing, defects caused by using unauthorized CD ROMs or installation of unverified software, and even damages due to virus intrusions.

To make sure you will enjoy the warranty that you deserve, you should register your device to Acer’s warranty website for easy access to information. You can also check the validity of your laptop’s warranty by entering its serial number to the company’s website.

Acer knows the needs of its customers so it is offering warranty extensions too! You can extend the warranty of your laptop by one to two years depending on your preference. Simply go to the website of Acer and register for the extension by filling up the needed information – very easy!

Do Acer Laptops Break Easily?

No, Acer laptops do not break easily especially its premium models that are built to last for a long time.

Though Acer is known for manufacturing cheap devices, it still makes sure that these do not break quickly. Some of their parts may be low grade but it would take some time before they tear down.

The affordable Acer laptops may not last as long as the top-of-the-line ones, but they are still a good quality device. Surely, they can provide efficient performance for a couple of years if properly taken care of.

What Do People’s Reviews Say?

Based on the people’s reviews, Acer is a reliable and affordable brand that meets their needs; it is actually agreed by its users to be the People’s Computer.

Because of the affordability of Acer, the market perceived it as a very convenient brand to be purchased. It is a people’s brand that will surely suffice the daily usage of the customers who are on a budget!

Though most of its famous series are not as durable as other competitors, the users of Acer are so far satisfied with the performance of their laptops. They are aware of the quality and features of what they have bought as they are simply getting what they have paid for.

In circumstances of defects, they just simply contact the customer support of Acer for the assistance they need. They are doing changes or upgrades if needed, and favorably, it costs them lesser compared to other brands as Acer’s parts are readily available at cheaper costs.

They are not disappointed that their laptops will not last for a very long time as they know they need to buy a new one eventually that is more innovative. They need to upgrade their laptops after a couple of years to stay updated as the modern world today is fast-changing!

What Are The Most Durable Acer Laptop Models?

The most durable Acer laptop models are the Swift series and the Predator series.

Since not all Acer laptops are highly durable, which among them are the toughest so far? Well, the Swift series and the Predator series are the recommended laptops when it comes to quality.

The Swift series is designed to be thinner and lighter than the usual laptop models in the market. It is made of a combination of magnesium-lithium and magnesium-aluminum alloys which make its body highly durable yet very lightweight.

It has better quality than the Aspire series which is more consumer-grade. So far, the Swift series include Swift 1, Swift 3, Swift 5, and Swift 7 (the most premium model of Acer).

Another durable model of Acer is its Predator series. This is the brand’s top-of-the-line gaming laptop that is built to be one of the fastest performing and greatest reliability in the market – perfect for professional gamers!

In this series, you can choose from Helios 300, Helios 300 Special Edition, Helios 500, Triton 500, Triton 700, and Triton 900.

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