Are Dell Laptops Reliable? Yes, Here’s Why (Explained & Solved)

Dell laptops are regarded as one of the best laptop brands that you can trust. They provide decent laptops with superb performance and durability, but do they live up to that consistently?

Are Dell laptops reliable? If they are, how reliable are these laptops? Why does everyone seem to prefer Dell laptops?

Are Dell Laptops Reliable?

Yes, Dell laptops are reliable. Dell has been in the laptop industry for years and a lot of users vouch for the reliability and longevity of Dell laptops.

Several factors contribute to the reliability of Dell laptops such as the quality of materials being used for the laptop’s body, the interior components, battery life, and portability. In addition, reliability would also vary per brand and laptop model.

It’s safe to say that Dell ticks all these boxes. Not only are Dell laptops always included in lists of top reliable laptops, but they’re also regarded as one of the best laptop brands in general.

In 2020, Dell was branded as one of the best-selling laptop brands, and they deserve such a title since they manufacture laptops that sell for fair prices, and at the same time users get those high-quality and durable laptops from the brand.

If you want to experience the most reliable laptops from Dell, it’s best to look at their high-end models since these have great specs that will surely grant users consistent performance. Dell’s budget laptops aren’t that recommended, while they may not be the worst laptops, they’re not as great as the high-end models.

A perfect example of one of Dell’s high-end models would be the Dell XPS 13. This laptop boasts an 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7, an Intel Xe Graphics, 32GB RAM, 2TB storage, and a 13.4’’ FHD+ (1920 x 1200) InfinityEdge Non-Touch Anti-Glare 500-Nit-Display.

Not to mention, this model has a Thunderbolt 4 port for those users who want to experience a lot more than what the given graphics has to offer (e.g. eGPU is possible with Thunderbolt ports).

That being said, Dell laptops have great battery life, the average battery life of a Dell laptop (on a full charge)can last from 8 to 11 hours, and this is on a single charge no less. The Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020) is an improvement from its predecessor since this particular model exceeds the battery life of the former.

Aside from getting reliability from battery life, the Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020) is also reliable in terms of its performance.

According to, the Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020) has a benchmark of 1,539 single-core performance (versus the previous model having 1,251 single-core performance) and 5,432 multi-core performance (versus the previous model having 4,781 multi-core performance); overall the late 2020 model made a 49% increase in its benchmark results.

That makes the Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020) a reliable laptop in terms of performance. So if you’re the type of user who’s always opening multiple applications and tabs on your laptop, then this laptop model will suit your type of work since it’s a great multitasker.

In terms of build quality and portability, the Dell XPS 13 truly shines in these aspects. This laptop boasts two separate blocks of aluminum, making it durable and sturdy, overall, it adds a premium feel to it. The laptop is also light as this weighs around 2.8 pounds. It’s also a thin laptop that measures 11.6 inches in width and 7.8 inches in height.

These numbers are enough to prove that this laptop can be brought just about anywhere with ease. This makes a great laptop choice for users who are always on the go.

Based on the various factors we’ve mentioned above, you can see that Dell makes exceptionally reliable laptops. The laptop model we’ve mentioned is just one out of many great reliable laptops from Dell, so you have more to choose from this brand and expect to have an exemplary experience in terms of reliability.

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How Reliable Are Dell Laptops?

Dell laptops are reliable to the point that they’ve garnered multiple awards and positive reviews. In addition, users praise Dell laptops and vouch for their reliability, further stating that their Dell laptops have long battery life and lifespan.

As aforementioned, Dell laptops tick all the boxes when it comes to looking at factors that make laptops reliable. To further prove this point, you may visit this link to see all the awards and reviews Dell has earned. Based on these awards and reviews alone, it’s enough to say that Dell truly is a great brand that manufactures reliable and durable laptops.

Apart from extensive tech reviews online on Dell laptops, you can also look at forums and see reviews from the perspective of everyday users, professional individuals, gamers, and the like. You can see that they’ve all come to a collective conclusion that Dell laptops are the best in regards to reliability.

Speaking of user reviews, it’s common to read about various user experiences, in regards to their ownership of Dell laptops, that focus on the longevity of Dell laptops. Some users claim to have owned their Dell laptops for more than 4 years. Some continue to mention that they’ve had little to no issues with their Dell laptops.

All is going well for Dell laptops, right? That may be true to some extent since their high-end laptops are garnering positive reviews from left to right, however, we mustn’t disregard the fact that their budget laptops don’t have the same reliability as their high-end models.

The cheaper the laptop the more it becomes “low-quality”, unfortunately, this applies to Dell laptops. Budget Dell laptops don’t share the same specs that high-end laptops have, for instance, the former doesn’t share similar build qualities the way high–end Dell laptops have.

The majority of pricey Dell laptops are made from metal, specifically aluminum, whereas budget options are made out of plastic. There’s much debate on both the pros and cons of each material used for the body of a laptop, however, a metal body is a tad bit better in terms of durability and in dissipating heat from a laptop.

In addition, the majority of budget Dell laptops run on Windows 10 S, to some this is a con since users would want to have the latest Windows installed on their laptops. Another thing is some budget laptops from Dell have limited RAM options, poor portability, and processors that belong in the 10th Gen line.

Arguably, users would want to see even the latest technology in budget laptops, sadly, that may not be the case when it comes to Dell’s budget laptops. While it may not impact the reliability of Dell laptops by a landslide, it’s still something to be a bit concerned about, especially to users who notice these differences in factors.

That being said, we also have to take into consideration the types of laptops that Dell manufactures: gaming laptops, consumer laptops, and business-class laptops. Needless to say, Dell is the king of manufacturing some of the best business-class laptops.

It’s safe to say that their business-class laptops outweigh both their gaming and consumer laptops in regards to reliability. A lot of users also back this claim since Dell isn’t so popular when it comes to gaming laptops and consumer laptops (a.k.a. budget laptops). The best gaming laptops would have to come from Asus ROG or MSI.

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Dell Laptops Reliability Factors

The build quality, interior components, battery life, and portability are the reliability factors of Dell laptops.

Build Quality

First off, build quality is an essential factor for any laptop coming from a particular brand. Build quality is what makes a laptop feel durable and premium when held. The majority of laptops manufactured by Dell nowadays are light and thin, despite having this kind of design, it doesn’t feel flimsy at all.

The thin and light design that Dell’s going for makes their laptops not only portable but also durable since they’re made out of aluminum.

Interior Components

Next, having decent interior components would determine the reliability of a Dell laptop in terms of its performance. It’s good to know that the majority of premium laptops from Dell run high specs, which in turn, grants users continuous flow in their work without experiencing any lags whatsoever.

However, there are some pricey Dell laptops which have specs that just don’t match their price point. For instance, the Dell XPS 15 (2020) is a pricey laptop coming in at a price of almost $2,000 and only uses either Intel UHD Graphics or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti. This laptop would’ve been pushed to be better if it had a more advanced GPU.

Nevertheless, the Dell XPS 15 (2020) is still capable of handling all sorts of workload and there’s little to no lag to be experienced when using this laptop. In short, despite not having an advanced GPU, the laptop can still be considered reliable.

Battery Life

Another factor to consider in terms of a Dell laptop’s reliability is battery life. If a laptop has poor battery life then it can’t be considered reliable. Any users would hate to experience their laptops dying on them while they work, so battery life is of utmost importance in terms of reliability.

Luckily, Dell laptops are known to have great battery life with their laptops. Dell laptops can last from 8 to 10 hours of use on a single charge (on average). This is an impressive battery life coming from Dell laptops and this is exactly why lots of companies prefer Dell laptops for their employees.

Dell laptops that have great battery life would be Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020), Dell Chromebook 3100 11, Dell Latitude 9510, and Dell Latitude 9410 2-in-1. Some of these laptop models boast 17 hours of battery life on a single charge and that just proves how reliable Dell laptops can be based on their battery life.

Of course, we won’t be biased and ignore the fact that there are other Dell laptops that have poor battery life. The following Dell laptops that have poor battery life are Alienware m17 R4 (2021), and Dell Precision 5750.

That being said, Dell is known for continuously improving their laptops, so it’s most likely for the brand to improve the battery life of these laptops’ successors.


Dell laptops nowadays are much thinner, slimmer, and lightweight. They were designed like this for a reason and this is geared towards ease of portability.

A lot of users nowadays are always on the go and carrying a bulky laptop isn’t ideal at all. Portability is a factor of reliability since this makes users have an efficient experience with their laptops, not just in use and performance, but also carrying their laptops around as they go to different places.

That being said, the best portable laptops from Dell would be Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (2021), Dell Precision 5750, Dell XPS 15 (2021), Dell XPS 17 (2021), and Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. One laptop model that we’ve mentioned, Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook, is only 6mm thin and 18mm at its thickest point.

Why Does Everyone Prefer Dell Laptops?

Everyone prefers Dell laptops due to their long battery life, long lifespan, and premium build quality.

It’s common to see a lot of users prefer Dell laptops and all for a good reason; Dell laptops are simply one of the best laptop brands in the world. They’ve already made their statement to users by continuously manufacturing laptops that are not only powerful but also durable and reliable.

Users are sold as soon as they see the multiple awards that Dell has and this further proves why everyone prefers Dell laptops. Even professionals prefer Dell laptops and this is why you can see multiple firms purchase Dell laptops for their employees.

Dell laptops have a long battery life that can last up to 17 hours, surviving on a single charge, they have a long lifespan that can exceed 5 years of use, and their build quality feels premium despite being thin and lightweight.

In addition, Dell also has industry-leading security wherein they offer comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication, and leading-edge malware protection.

You may also look at various forums online and see for yourself why everyone prefers Dell laptops. Needless to say, Dell laptops are worth splurging on and you’ll surely have a great time using them.

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What Do Users Say About Dell’s Reliability?

Users state that Dell is one of the most reliable laptop brands in the market. They’re consistent with their products and further improve them so that users will always prefer their products compared to other brands.

According to Technology Business Research, Dell was named as having the most reliable notebooks. This says a lot about the reliability of Dell laptops since they beat their competitors in 22 satisfaction attributes.

Moreover, users seldom report issues with their Dell laptops. You won’t read a lot of issues with Dell laptops like you would normally see in reviews about HP laptops and whatnot.

When it comes to battery life, users are thrilled to have their laptops run continuously for hours and hours, surviving on a single charge no less! This speaks volumes when it comes to reliability because users won’t have laptops dying on them in the middle of their work.

Lastly, the lifespan of Dell laptops is something that users applaud the brand for. The advertised average lifespan of a Dell laptop would be 3 to 5 years, however, users experience owning a Dell laptop that exceeds said years.

Are Dell XPS Laptops Reliable?

Yes, Dell XPS laptops are reliable, although not every model from the XPS line has a good reputation.

If you’re looking to buy laptops from the XPS line, the best models you can choose from are Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020), Dell XPS 15, Dell XPS 13 OLED (9310), Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, and Dell XPS 17.

All these great laptops from the XPS line and pack a powerful punch in terms of specs. In addition, laptops from the XPS line have this sleek design that makes them lightweight and durable at the same time. The XPS laptops come to mind when users are looking for a laptop that’s not only powerful but portable and durable as well.

The most notable XPS laptop out of the bunch would be the XPS 13 (Late 2020) model. This laptop is great in terms of its specs, display, and battery life. The only downside of this laptop would be its price, sound quality, and the GPU.

For a price point that almost reaches $2,000 the GPU could’ve been better. An Intel GPU isn’t ideal for laptops nowadays and a lot of companies are gearing towards GPUs from NVIDIA. Despite having an Intel GPU, it’s still able to perform consistently and users can get their work done efficiently.

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What Are The Most Reliable Dell Laptop Models?

The Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020), Dell XPS 15, Dell Latitude 15, Dell Precision 15, and Dell XPS 17 are the most reliable Dell laptop models.

Among the aforementioned Dell laptop models, the Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020) is the best. Why? This laptop has powerful specs such as an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor, an Iris Xe integrated graphics, an option of having an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of RAM, either a 512GB or 1TB SSD, and a 4k OLED display.

It features a great design that looks and feels absolutely stunning and premium. It’s lightweight so users will benefit from this through its portability. Another thing that makes Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020) a great laptop is its excellent battery life. The Dell XPS 13 can run for 11 hours on a single charge and this makes it quite the reliable laptop.

On top of that, users get to enjoy the 4k OLED display which is bright and pleasing to the eyes. The laptop also features a bezel less design which further enhances its premium look.

If you want to get to know more about this laptop, you may visit this link.