3 Most Common Problems with HP Envy (with Solution)

Hp Envy is one of the most recent releases by the multinational IT company Hewlett-Packard or HP. This American IT company is best known for reliable modern computers.

However, with their daily use, issues can arise.

List of Common Problems with HP Envy

HP Envy’s release has made noise in the IT world. With its good features, great display that comes at a reasonable price, no wonder a lot of IT geeks have applauded.

However, even though HP Envy could be the laptop of your dreams, it is inescapable to experience minor to severe issues while using this laptop.

To find out more about these common problems, continue reading below:

1. My HP Envy won’t turn on even if I press the power button

This issue has got to be one of the most common problems you could encounter with HP Envy laptops. Without them turned on, of course, you can’t be able to use the gadget.

To dodge this situation, stated below are the common reasons why they happen and how to fix them.

Hardware Configuration Error

This error arises from two things. Firstly, when your HP Envy recently had changed with hardware configuration, and second is when your device was improperly put into sleep/hibernate mode.

To resolve your laptop’s issue, you will have to perform a hard reset.

In order to do a hard reset, unplug external devices connected to your laptop. After this, press and hold power and ‘beats’ buttons for ten seconds.

Dead Battery

Your HP Envy might be left until its battery is drained.

To fix this, an easy solution is to plug the charger cord into your laptop and make sure that the light turns on. If the device doesn’t light up, try to press the power button, and when it still won’t open, there is a battery problem.

2. HP Envy overheats and produces bothersome noise

Another common problem you encounter with laptops is that they get hot fast. Overheating may worry you a bit, but you don’t have to anymore because we got you covered below

Misfunctional HP CoolSense

HP CoolSense is an exclusive feature available on HP laptops developed to inform your laptop cooling fans whether the device is positioned on a stable plane or it’s moving. The fans can determine how much cooling their HP laptops need with this function.

However, HP CoolSense tends to fail sometimes and causes cooling fans to work at a fast rate even though it’s not needed.

To resolve this dilemma, turn off the CoolSense button located in the notification area. If the problem continues, you can turn CoolSense on any time you desire.

Cooling fans accumulated dirt

Laptop cooling fans are laptop parts that can accumulate dirt quickly. Dirt stockpile stash on them easily because of the nature of their function.

To avoid accumulating a stockpile of dirt, religiously commit to maintaining your laptop’s cleanliness so that it won’t come to the point that the fans are already hopeless and now demand to be replaced.

3. My HP Envy is slow in terms of booting up and refreshing

If it takes you a minute or two to boot up, it tends to be one of the annoying things you could encounter most, especially when you’re in a rush.

However, you can say goodbye to being annoyed and say hello on becoming knowledgeable on fixing this issue

The hard drive installed is slow.

One of the reasons your HP Envy is slow in booting up is the hard drive.

To resolve this problem, you can opt to change your hard drive and turn to use Solid State Drives or SSD. Upgrading to SSD can give you the advantage of a faster load rate. Doing this is not a hassle for HP Envy because they have two rooms for drives.

HP Envy Pro & Cons 

HP Envy charmed tech geeks offer a wide array of beneficial innovations suitable for contemporary living.

To further help in weighing things over, listed out below are the advantage and disadvantages of owning HP Envy:



HP Envy laptops are one of the brand-new strong competitors in the ultraportable laptop market. They have the edge because, surprisingly, even HP is known in the tech industry, as HP Envy was offered at such a reasonable price.

Comfortable Keyboard Buttons

One of the things that users tend to consider is how the buttons of a laptop keyboard are comfortable to use.

According to tech reviews, HP Envy’s keyboards are commendable for their smooth and comfortable, suitable long typing sessions.

Their keyboards are also large and come with a bright light to assist you in working on a dim-light workspace.

Touch screen innovation

HP Envy laptops are made with the sole intention in mind: to produce a convenient innovation. With this versatile function, a lot can pave the way for users to utilize their laptops fully.

High Definition display

HP Envy comes in a High Definition display, a determining factor crafted with high regard. With its 1920 x 1080 resolution, your HP Envy can be your excellent companion to use daily.

Good at handling thermal control

One of the primary issues of laptops is that they overheat quickly.

However, with HP’s CoolSense function together with single and multi-Geekbench technology, your HP Envy happens to be envied for its reasonable thermal control with a minimal chance of overheating.


No Numberpad available

HP Envy might disappoint you because they don’t come with number pads for folks who work in an industry where computing numbers on a spreadsheet is a must. HP emphasized alphabetical buttons. However, they compromised the convenient number pad.

The power button lies beside the delete key.

This positioning is quite annoying because the user might unintentionally turn off their HP Envy laptop with only the intention of deleting something. Meticulous users might be turned off with this because it’s not practical.

The aspect ratio is not preferable anymore.

This issue may not affect others, but some people believe that the 16:10 aspect ratio could be a lot better to provide vivid display and sync with its excellent HD display.

No HDMI port is available.

This issue could be disappointing when you plan to use your laptop on your work and often present presentation slides.

HDMI is one of the most used tools to help you connect your laptop to a projector. However, there are many ways available to get through your presentation without the need for HDMI.

How Long Should an HP Envy Last?

According to HP, their laptops can last for about 3-5 years.

Three to five years may seem short or long, depending on the user. Your HP Envy laptop can surpass five years if you take care of it properly and make efforts to maintain it wisely.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute, whether on stretching your laptop’s lifespan or either deteriorating it faster as it should—using your laptop while charging can reduce the lifespan of your battery.

Generally, using your laptop in inappropriate places and not taking care of them with high regard can lessen their life span.

That’s why if you wish your HP Envy to stay for a long time, you should set healthy practice and regular cleaning and maintenance for them so that they wouldn’t accumulate dirt that could eventually cause your laptop to malfunction and soon stop working.

Is It Worth Repairing an HP Envy?

Repairing the HP Envy laptop is worth it, but not until the repair costs overbalance the costs of buying a brand-new laptop.

There are minor issues that are advisable to fix in repairing. However, significant issues commonly require significant budgeting, for they are costly.

If the costs of repairing in time overshadow the cost of buying a brand-new laptop, then the option is all yours to make. Will the frequent repair be favorable if the costs of buying a brand-new one will be a lot more affordable and will also come with a warranty card?

To make a sound decision, you don’t have to rely upon what you feel because they might be deceiving. Especially for people who had a hard time letting go of their belongings.

Is It Worth Buying an HP Envy?

HP Envy can be considered a sufficiently good mainstream laptop. Many tech reviews recommend it because they are worthy of the bucks.

While tech reviews believe that HP Envy laptops have satisfactory functions, they have some flaws, such as struggling to stand out among the sea of innovative competitors.

HP did well at quoting a reasonable selling price in terms of pricing. This instance could help you decide whether or not to patronize HP Envy. Overall, HP Envy is lovable, and they are suitable to company you on your daily routine.

HP Envy Alternative  

Like HP Envy, Dell XPS 13 is also a game changer in the ultraportable laptop market.

Both laptops are lightweight, making them an easy companion for daily errands. These two laptops are also crafted with touch screen technology, making them convenient to use.

HP Envy and Dell XPS both have spacious keyboard spaces. However, they both lack a number pad as well.

Overall, both devices offer sleek aesthetics and are lightweight, making them easy to carry inside a backpack or suitcase. The two can also guarantee excellent performance for an ultrabook.