Do Dell Laptops Break Easily? No. Really? (Read This First!)

Finding the perfect laptop is never easy. You need to compare a lot of brands and their different models to pick your most preferred one that will not easily break.

It is surely nerve-wracking, but then a friend told you how durable Dell laptops are. Can they really last for many years?

Do Dell Laptops Break Easily?

No, Dell laptops do not break easily.

Dell Technologies is an established and well-known international brand around the world. It will not be able to reach its current position and reputation in the industry if it is offering poor products, right?

It is one of the most recommended if you need a laptop for daily use, school, or even at work. One of the reasons why Dell made it to the list of the laptop brands is because of its sturdy machines that are surely worthy of their prices!

It offers a wide range of products with various premium features. These are priced competitively, thus, you can choose which among them are perfect for you based on your needs and budget.

From their most affordable to top-of-the-notch laptop model, rest assured that they do not break easily. As one of the leaders in the industry, Dell certainly ensures that all of its products are reliable enough based on what you have paid for.

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Why Do Dell Laptops Break Or Don’t Break Easily?

Dell laptops do not break easily as they are made of quality materials with sleek designs.

The major reason why laptops do not break easily is the quality of their parts; high-quality materials mean higher robustness.

Dell laptops do not break easily as they are made of materials designed to survive long usage and harsh conditions. Though not all laptop models have the same durability, you can be assured that even its cheapest laptop will not get damaged quickly.

From the robust external and internal hardware, expanded memory and storage, operating system and processor, quality screen, to the enduring battery, Dell always makes sure that it will only trade proven devices that will not tarnish its name.

So far, the most durable laptop of Dell is the XPS 15. It has a slim and portable design with a great exhaust port and cooling fans to avoid overheating.

 It features a 2-terabyte SSD, 64GB of memory, and a high-end display that is designed to protect eyes from strains through dispersing blue light. Likewise, it has the highest quality display where you can view precise vivid colors of pictures and videos which you cannot see in other brands.

Does Dell Plan For Its Laptops To Easily Break?

No, Dell does not plan for its laptops to break easily. As an innovative international company, its main goal is to provide the best customer service experience by offering high-end, quality products.

No company would want to develop frail products as these shall do them no good in the industry. Just like all the laptop brands that you can see in the market, Dell is also aiming to design and manufacture good to top-notch devices that would meet and even exceed the expectations of its customers.

Dell is highly prioritizing the satisfaction of its customers through offering laptops with the highest quality, incorporated with leading innovation at competitive prices. Thus, building laptops that are easily breakable is definitely not on the brand’s agenda.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Dell Laptop?

The lifespan of a Dell laptop is around 3 to 5 years on average. And, with proper usage and maintenance, it can even last up to 8 years.

Since laptops are quite an investment, you will certainly look for a device that will serve for a long time. And, Dell is one of the laptop brands recognized for having a long life span because of its durability.

On average, this brand’s laptops last between 3 to 5 years. And if you are the type of person who values your stuff so much, your Dell laptop can even stick with you for 8 years or more! With proper handling and regular maintenance, Dell devices will surely survive for a longer period than expected.

Though the handling and preserving factors have great effects on a laptop’s life, its specific model is equally important too as this determines the quality of materials used to build it. No matter how careful you are every time you use your laptop, you cannot prevent future damages based on its quality.

You should not set high expectations for Dell’s consumer laptops as they are not as durable as the business models. Dell’s business laptops are more expensive, thus, they are built using more reliable parts, giving them an extended life.

Naturally, budget-friendly models are not crafted with high-quality materials, making them less durable than those expensive ones. You will simply need to set your expectations based on what you have paid for, right?

How Long Is The Warranty On Dell Laptops?

Dell is offering the standard 1-year warranty on its laptops. In addition, you have the choice to extend this at a maximum of 5 years based on your laptop’s specifications.

Warranty is an important feature that you always check before purchasing any device, especially for expensive ones like a laptop. This assures you that the product you are buying is of great quality, and whatever defects you experience, the company is ready to extend help.

Warranty is simply giving you peace of mind – which anyone certainly needs, right? And Dell knows exactly this as they want every customer to be satisfied with their every device.

To assure the quality of its laptops, Dell is offering a standard 1-year warranty just like other brands. This shall only include any manufacturing defects that will get experienced from the start of the purchase.

One edge of Dell over other brands is its offering of the warranty extension. You can stretch the warranty of your laptop, but you should do this prior to the expiration of the first 1-year guarantee.

If you have a consumer device, you can ask for an extended warranty of up to 4 years. Meanwhile, if you own a commercial laptop instead, you have the choice to lengthen it even up to 5 years. What a great deal, right?

Another good feature of Dell’s warranty is its validity even if you decide to upgrade your device – you do not need to worry about any effect or cancelation.

Common Problems With Dell Laptops?

The common problems with Dell laptops are overheating and malfunctions on their keyboards, touchpad, audio, and CD tray.

No device is perfect – it is simply made by humans so you can expect some glitches along the way.

This is relevant to Dell, of course. As a tech brand, its products are no excuse for several issues with its hardware.

One of the typical issues with Dell laptops is overheating. Some of its causes are lack of ventilation and breakdown of the fan. This will certainly give you a worry – you might feel anxious thinking that your laptop might blast anytime.

Malfunctions of various hardware are also another downside of Dell.

The keyboard might not work properly due to dust. It might be caused by the operating system and driver’s issues too. Uninstalling and updating the driver may help fix this matter.

The touchpad or trackpad of some Dell laptops is encountering conflicts also. The non responding touchpad will really frustrate you especially if you are cramming over some deadline at school or work.

There are also some reports about the audios that are poorly sounding. The CD tray also malfunctions at times where the CDs were not ejecting after pushing the external drive button.

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What Do People’s Reviews Say?

According to the people’s review, Dell laptops do not break easily. They have great performance, are highly reliable, and are priced accordingly based on their quality.

You can see both positive and negative reviews on the Internet regarding Dell laptops. These are certainly honest feedback that can help you in deciding whether you will get Dell or not. Yet, more positive critiques can be read regarding the durability of Dell laptops.

According to some customers, they are so far satisfied with their laptops as they are living up to their expectations. Their Dell laptops are performing well and some even lasted for 8 years – certainly longer than what they thought.

There are also some reviews stating that Dell is much better than other brands as it is offering updates for drivers. The extended warranty of the brand is another plus factor for the customers too!

They also appreciate the competitive costs of Dell laptops. The budget-friendly ones are doing a decent job with good quality materials while the high-end models are certainly great picks that you will not regret.

How Do You Stop Dell Laptops From Breaking?

You cannot stop Dell laptops from breaking, but you can extend their life through proper usage, upgrades, and regular maintenance.

Any laptop will eventually break no matter what happens. You simply cannot stop it from happening as there are lots of contributing factors where some are simply out of your control. All you can do is extend its life so you can use it for a long period.

The first thing that you can do is always use your laptop with utmost care. Avoid spilling any liquid on it, especially on the keyboard. Do not overcharge it, make sure it is getting enough ventilation, avoid putting so much weight on it, and always put it in a safe place after using.

Upgrading and regular maintenance are also keys to avoiding unexpected damages to your laptop.

You must consider changing any defective part always, upgrading to a better quality. The moment you see small damage to the hardware, you must take action immediately. Big damages usually start with small cracks.

Regular cleaning is an essential matter as well. The accumulated dust in the keyboard will affect its performance. The unnecessary things that might get stuck in the ports can cause damage too.

Dell Laptops Alternative

So, you have decided to get a Dell laptop, but suddenly the model that excellently suited your needs and budget is not available. What should you do now? Well, you must look for an alternative if you need the device ASAP!

Since the XPS15 model is the most durable Dell laptop, let us use it for comparison with other brands. What are the best alternatives for XPS15?


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