3 Common Problems with Neff Built-In Microwave (with Solution)

Neff is a German manufacturer of high-end kitchen appliances. Neff aims to provide only the best kitchen appliances the market can have. Their Built-in microwaves are safe savers and convenient.

It is normal to encounter problems with the daily use of Neff Built-in Microwave. For your advantage, here are some hacks to dodge them and enjoy your microwave for a longer time.


List of Common Problems with Neff Built-In Microwave

Even though Microwaves are low maintenance, a time can happen that they will need some troubleshooting. Below are some practical hacks in troubleshooting your Neff Built-in Microwave.

1. There are noticeable sparks in the microwave

Sparking microwaves can be frightening, but actually, you don’t have to be so scared about it.

Here are some pro tips for finding out why your Neff Built-in Microwave sparks:

Your microwave detected an object with metal material

Metals cause particles that eventually build up inside your microwave. That’s what causes sparks. If you have ever heard of the sparks, turn off the microwave first, then carefully look for metallic material such as cutlery, foil, and enamel-coated tableware.

After that, remove the object immediately to avoid damaging your microwave.

Broken Microwave Waveguide Cover

In a few scenarios, primarily if you use the oven often, its waveguide cover that lets the energy waves heat your food may loosen. Additionally, exploded food inside your microwaves can also damage your microwave because an object might be trapped under and penetrate within.

It is highly advisable to look for a professional instead of fixing this yourself to fix the problem. This way, things will be much safer for you and your microwave.

Defective Microwave Diode

This diode is responsible for generating and switching the microwave signals and commands. Because microwave diodes are one of the most used tools, they sometimes wear out the fastest or might even split in two.

When they break, they cause a sparking noise along with humming. If any of these occur, a repair professional can be of any help to ensure your safety.

2. My Neff Built-in Microwave can’t heat the food

This incident can be one of the most annoying things with your microwaves because this is their primary function. To troubleshoot this dilemma, here are some pro-tips for you:

Broken Microwave magnetron

It is magnetron’s job to produce radio waves. Unfortunately, when your magnetron fails, you can no longer repair it. That’s why you will have to buy another one and replace it for your microwave to function well again.

The Microwave door switch is not working correctly

Faulty microwave door switch does not trap the waves. That’s why the food doesn’t heat up. However, repairing this by yourself might make the problem worse. To guarantee that safety comes first, try contacting a professional repair help.

3. Neff Built-in Microwave’s rotating plate is not spinning:

The rotating plate’s purpose is to circulate the heat in your food correctly and absorb any excess heat that your Neff built-in Microwave generates.

The dysfunctional plate becomes a problem because the heat won’t be adequately distributed to your food. To know what the underlying problem is, you can read them below:

There is a problem with your Microwave motor

Repairing this motor yourself might cost you a lot than just calling a professional repair for help. You don’t have to worry so much because this can be replaced.

NOTE: You can read more here for faster professional repair help from Neff.

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Neff Built-In Microwave Pro & Cons

Before investing in something, especially if it’s an appliance whom you tend to rely on for years, weighing its advantages and disadvantages is one of the crucial moves you’ll have to make before deciding to purchase.

To help you with your purchasing decision, stated below are the benefits and drawbacks of owning a Neff built-in Microwave:


Watts range from 800-1200

The standard wattage for a microwave ranges from 600-1200. Neff Built-in adheres to the standard. Its advantage is that the higher the wattage, the more even the heat can be distributed in your food.

Optimal heating mode

This mode allows you to heat your food effectively without wasting energy.

User-friendly programs

Comprehensible functions ensure the users utilize the microwave more.

Temperature display

This function lets you see the actual temperature inside the microwave. The time left until heating is done is also shown.

Childproof function

Since this built-in microwave, children might think it’s furniture. This feature makes this microwave secure for families with infants.

Functional features available

Neff offers many features such as automatic defrosting, heating and cooking, safety equipment, child protection, and door lock.


Convection is not available

This function enables the user to bake and make crispier food accompanied by general heating. However, Neff doesn’t offer a feature like this in their built-in microwaves.

No cooking process program available

No other cooking programs available aside from heating. Some users seek an oven with extra features you can use during busy occasions. Without this, the microwave can’t be fully utilized.

Temperature is not automatically maintained

The tendencies when the temperature is not maintained inside the microwave are: The food will overheat. It will explode if the user fails to watch nearby.

How Long Should a Neff Built-In Microwave Last?

Neff’s Built-in Microwave lasts for approximately 9-10 years if cared for properly and well maintained. On the other hand, typical microwaves only stay for an average of 7 years.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to your Neff Built-in Microwave’s deterioration. For instance, Microwave lifespan shortens as they are frequently used, and some users rely on them to heat foods or defrost frozen goods.

Their life expectancy shortens further when prohibited items, such as metals and ceramic-coated crockery, are placed inside.

The bottom line is that the care and maintenance of your Neff Built-in Microwave is in your hands. That’s why it is essential to practice proper cautiousness when using them, primarily if you rely heavily on them.

Is It Worth Repairing a Neff Built-In Microwave?

A Neff Built-in Microwave repair can be worth your penny if the repair costs do not outweigh the expense it will cost you to buy a new one.

A particular time will indeed arrive that a family member would use a material that is not microwavable to heat their pizza. This mishap is one way to damage your microwave. A lot can happen, and they are all uncertain.

That’s why it is safe to say that maintaining your microwave on a daily basis is a haven for you and your wallet. Doing this might lessen the burden of having your microwave broken in just one go.

Any appliance that you take to the repair shop is cost-effective. However, if you take your microwave to a repair shop for the fourth time this month, maybe buying a new one will solve the cost dilemma.

Is It Worth Buying a Neff Built-In Microwave?

Our final thought is that German Neff’s built-in microwave is practical, dependable, steadfast. Neff’s built-in microwave is worthy of your penny if you’re practical.

Upon weighing its pros and cons, the pros dominated the latter. Even though some vital functionalities were lacking, Neff’s built-in microwave’s safety features made it stand out the most.

Additionally, as mentioned above, Neff can survive for 9-10 years against the average of 7 years for standard microwaves. The 2-3 year advantage is significant, particularly for practical moms that seek a durable kitchen best friend.

Lastly, with its high wattage, you are ensured that your food can heat up faster. You’ll consume lesser energy as well because of its optimal mode functionality.

Neff Built-In Microwave Alternative     

We can compare Lamone Microwaves with Neff Built-in microwaves in terms of similarity.

These two have gained regard for having exquisite designed built-in ovens. Like Neff’s, Lamona Built-in Microwave’s wattage ranges from 800-900 watts.

On the other hand, Lamona’s 3-year warranty is noticeably more extended than Neff’s two years. Nonetheless, what’s important is that these two are provided with warranties so that customers are ensured.

Additionally, these two built-in microwaves have the same 25L capacity, which is the standard for microwaves. You might not want a built-in microwave so huge, and it won’t fit in your cupboards anymore.

Their five power levels and clock display functions are convenient for practical users. Also, Lamona’s grill feature can make it easy for prominent families to have a momentous occasion.

Lastly, Neff and Lamona Built-in Microwaves are indeed helpful in heating baby foods and defrosting frozen goods. These are very helpful, especially for new moms who are still figuring out what’s best for their families.

Whatever you may prefer, what’s most important is that you choose the suitable microwave for you. When the appliance is suited, everything is sure to fall in its proper place.