Do Samsung TVs Break Easily? No. Here’s Why (Read This First)

Most are familiar with Samsung and you are possibly one of them, right?

You haven’t had any Samsung television so you are considering it as the next entertainment device for your living room.

However, you want to know more about its sturdiness. Are Samsung TVs as durable as other brands or do they break easily?


Do Samsung TVs Break Easily?

No, Samsung TVs do not break easily.

When you talk about TV brands around the globe, Samsung will surely be welcomed at the top of the list. Without a doubt, Samsung is a brand that has successfully captured the hearts of the majority of the market!

Samsung TVs do not break easily and this has been proven for a long time already. They are recognized for their functionality, reliability, durability, and user-friendly features.

If you are looking for a long-lasting television, Samsung will be recommended for sure as it is known for premium quality devices that are worthy of your money.

Why Do Samsung TVs Break Or Don’t Break Easily?

Samsung TVs do not break easily because they are innovatively designed and made of premium materials to ensure a long life span.

Samsung is tagged as a high-end brand as the costs of its devices are at a premium. Thus, customers are expecting that they will get high-quality devices too given that its offerings are expensive.

True enough, Samsung is being true to its word that it will provide top-of-the-notch televisions that can competitively compete with other premium brands in the market.

With the continuous research and development of the company, it does not want to settle for less and make sure to always stay updated with the demands and technology in today’s modern time. The process of manufacturing each part and assembling the TV itself is highly crucial.

Samsung TVs do not break easily as they are designed using modern technology to ensure high sturdiness in any harsh conditions. The company desires to only provide top-grade quality to its customers so its televisions can surely last for a decade!

What Is The Lifespan Of Samsung TVs?

The lifespan of Samsung TVs is between 4 to 7 years. Yet, if you are not a heavy user and regularly maintain your television, it can last even longer.

When you are picking the next television that will be staying with you in your living room during lazy days, you definitely want to get the one that is sturdy enough to dwell with you for a long time!

Samsung is a famous brand that you can usually see in your relative or friend’s house; thus, makes you consider it as your next entertainment device. Yet, you have no idea how long it could stay with you!

On average, Samsung TVs can last between 4 years to 7 years. This is the expected lifespan if you are a heavy user of television and prefer to watch with the highest brightness. If you are too busy giving your television its regular maintenance, you should anticipate that your Samsung TV may deteriorate earlier than this expected lifespan too.

On the other note, if you just seldom use your television, you can expect your Samsung TV to survive over 7 years – it can reach up to 10 years or even more! This will be possible if together with occasional usage, you are always careful in using it and make sure to do periodic checking for cleaning and damaged parts that might be needing replacements.

How Long Is The Warranty On Samsung TVs?

The warranty on Samsung TVs is 1 year.

Just like other television brands, Samsung is offering the standard 1-year warranty for their televisions.

If you want to extend the warranty, you can choose from the types of extended protection plans that, of course, come at an extra price. You can purchase an extended warranty from the Samsung stores and dealers.

The warranty will usually cover parts and services needed for any workmanship and material defects. It does not include damages resulting from abuse, accidents, alteration, misuse, and tampering. Likewise, it does not cover flaws caused by insect infestations, natural calamities, and normal wearing, tearing, or rusting.

Common Problems With Samsung TVs?

The common problems with Samsung TVs are their instances of not turning on, not working applications, their Smart Hubs are not displaying applications, they only show a black screen, some flickering, and no sound issue.

  • Not turning on

Samsung TVs may experience turning on problems which may be caused by some power source issue. Make sure that your TV is getting enough power from the supply; otherwise, there might be faulty parts that need to be replaced to make your TV work again.

  •  Applications not working

You are trying to open an application on your Samsung TV yet it is not launching or even crashing once you are able to open it. This is a frustrating situation that you can troubleshoot using various methods.

First, you can do a cold boot to let your TV start again from a shutdown using the remote control or by unplugging it from the power source. Additionally, you may need to do some updates for the application and the firmware of your device.

  •  Smart Hub not displaying applications

The Smart Hub of your Samsung TV may sometimes not display the applications that it has. You can fix this by setting up your device to your original setting or by doing a factory reset.

  •  Showing only black screen

Samsung TVs can commonly experience having only black screens which can be a result of the faulty connection of video devices to them. Another possible reason can be a defective power supply inside the TV. Both these can only be fixed by replacing the damaged parts with new ones with the help of expert technicians.

  •  Flickering issue

While watching on your Samsung TV, you suddenly encounter some flickering on its screen. You can fix this by giving it a cold reboot; or, if the flickers continue, there might be a defective jumper from where it gets its supply of power.

  •  No sound problem

The no sound issue is common in other television brands too, not just on Samsung TVs. You may need to check the basics for troubleshooting this such as the possible setting of mute or zero volume using the remote. Check also if your TV is paired with other devices like a headset and unpair it so the sound will be set to come from the TV audio again.

What Do People’s Reviews Say?

The people’s reviews say that Samsung TVs are of great quality, highly reliable, and proven to be durable.

The majority of the customers of Samsung shared positive experiences with their televisions. They said that their TVs are very easy to operate, giving them a smooth experience at most times.

Some expressed their gratitude as their Samsung TVs last longer compared with their previous televisions. These TVs are one of their great investments as they surely enjoy the premium price they paid for them.

Aside from durability, customers shared that their Samsung TVs have exceptional picture quality and sound, together with all the applications and features that they prefer for full entertainment.

Though the customers also experienced glitches with their Samsung TVs, they know that these are very natural since no technological device will be really faultless. Nonetheless, they are still very much satisfied with their Samsung TVs and these simple issues can be recompensed with all their great features and quality.

How Do You Stop Samsung TVs From Breaking?

To stop Samsung TVs from breaking, you should not set their brightness at the highest level, clean them regularly, do routine check-ups for defects, prevent any liquid spills on them, and use a surge protector.

Preventing the breaking and extending the life of Samsung TVs is not as hard as you thought. It is like an easy walk in the park where you just need to use your general knowledge and natural caring instinct! Doing a little research will be a great help too!

One simple consideration that you can do to prevent early failure of your Samsung TV is to use it properly as recommended. This includes following the standard-setting like for the brightness. It is not advisable to set the brightness of your Samsung TV on the highest level at all times.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are highly important as these make sure that you can check the current condition and needs of your Samsung TV. In cleaning, avoid using any chemicals as they can damage the screen; instead, use a clean, dry rag to wipe it or if really needed, soak it with a mixture of equal portions of water and vinegar.

The spill of liquid is very basic – any electronic device just like a television is not meant to get wet because of its sensitive parts. The exemption will just be for those water-proof devices, of course!

Lastly, to avoid breaking, you may consider using a surge protector for your Samsung TV. This protector is critical in protecting your TV from any electrical surge that can destroy it. Basically, it will detect any unnecessary voltage and redirect the excess electricity into the grounding wire.

Samsung TVs Alternatives

One of the great reasons why we love our televisions so much is their innovative features that help us escape the possible ultimate boredom at home!

With modern technology today, we can go places just by streaming on smart TVs. And, one of the best smart TV models of Samsung perfect for watching different content is its Samsung Neo QLED QN90A Smart TV.

Yet, if you are having hesitations in getting one due to some personal reasons, you might be thinking of the best possible alternatives for this smart TV.

Below are some of the recommended televisions that are comparable to the features of the Samsung Neo QLED QN90A Smart TV.

  • LG OLED C1 Series 4K Smart TV
  • Sony Bravia OLED A80J 4K Smart Google TV
  • Toshiba C350 4K Smart Fire TV
  • Hisense U8G Quantum Series 4K Smart TV
  • TCL 6-Series 4K Roku Smart TV


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