How Long Do HP Envy Laptops Last? (Explained)

HP laptops are the go-to brand of businesses and corporations due to their reliability. HP Envy is arguably one of the most popular laptop models of this brand, that being said, how long do they last?

You may also be wondering—how durable are HP Envy laptops? Do they last as long as other laptops? What are the most durable HP Envy laptop models?


How Long Do HP Envy Laptops Last?

HP Envy laptops would approximately last for three to four years in terms of average lifespan. As for battery life, they would typically last for 10 to 11 hours.

For us to understand exactly how long HP Envy laptops last, we should consider two factors that determine longevity: average lifespan and battery life.

Before we delve into these, we must understand that actual results may vary from person to person since each individual handles their laptop in a certain way.

For instance, a person who handles their laptop like it’s some toy will experience a shorter lifespan with their laptop compared to a person who diligently takes care of their laptop by cleaning it often and practicing pepper battery care.

Average Lifespan

The average lifespan of an HP Envy laptop would vary depending on its model and how it’s being handled.

We can only give an estimate when it comes to how long laptops would last since it varies so much per user. In general, the average lifespan of an HP Envy laptop would be from three to four years.

Some people are lucky enough to have their HP Envy laptops extend their lifespan to two more years, so in total, they would end up owning their laptops for five to six years.

To give a better understanding of how long HP Envy laptops last, we’ll be using the HP Envy 15 (2013) laptop model.

One user has shared their experience in regards to this model and they stated that it’s been with them for eight years or so.

They further state that apart from having a long lifespan, the build quality on it is good as well. This may also be considered a factor as to why it lasted for as long as eight years.

Of course, it’s normal to encounter issues when a laptop passes the five-year mark. So this user encountered some issues, specifically with the laptop’s hardware and battery life.

They further stated that their laptop’s audio jack started to become unresponsive over time and it may be due to tampering issues done by their kids.

Next, a drop in battery life also made its way to the user’s laptop. Their eight-year-old HP Envy 15 would only last for an hour or so on a single charge.

This example is based on an old HP Envy laptop model since there isn’t much data to be gathered in regards to the average lifespan of the latest HP Envy laptops.

The reason behind this would most likely be because positive reviews aren’t shared that often with other people online, rather, people would be greeted with negative feedback.

Moreover, we must remember that if a certain HP Envy model has a long lifespan, let’s say the HP Envy x360 13, that doesn’t mean that other HP Envy models would also have a similar lifespan.

Different HP Envy models will most certainly have different results when it comes to how long they would last, so it would be pointless to believe that specific HP Envy laptop models would be a basis of the lifespan of other Envy laptops.

Battery Life

The typical battery life of HP Envy laptops would range from 10 hours to 20 hours on a single charge. Of course, it’s duly noted that this would depend on usage and the model of the laptop.

The lifespan of an HP Envy laptop’s battery, on any laptop for that matter, would slowly degrade once it hits the three or four-year mark.

This won’t be an issue for modern laptops nowadays since most brands offer battery replacements anyway.

The example we’ll be using in regards to battery life would be the HP Envy x360 13 (2020). This laptop model has an estimated 11 hours of battery life on a single charge.

This laptop can easily reach up to 13 hours of battery life as well, all in all, it would depend on its usage.

Another example would be the HP Envy 13 (2021), this model would have an average battery life of 13 hours and can potentially reach 14 hours as well.

When tests were conducted for this particular laptop model, it lasted a good 13 hours on a work test. When it came to video tests, the laptop lasted for 14 hours.

Overall, the various tests have shown promising results for the two aforementioned HP Envy laptops.

It’s safe to say that HP Envy laptops have decent battery life. While it’s true that they have better battery life compared to other brands like MSI and Dell, there’s still a broader market out there wherein people can find laptops that offer better battery life.

What HP Envy Laptop Has The Best Battery Life?

HP Envy x360 13 and HP Envy 14are the Envy laptop models that have the best battery life. The HP Envy x360 13 has a battery life of 11 to 14 hours while the HP Envy 14 would typically last around 20 hours.

Out of all the HP Envy models out there, the HP Envy x360 13 and HP Envy 14 have the best battery life.

We would like to reiterate that the longevity of an Envy laptop’s battery would depend on its usage and the number of hours we’ve mentioned above is based on reviews that we’ve seen.

Other HP Envy models would only last for about seven hours when used for work or video streaming, specifically, this is true for the HP Envy 15.

We would recommend people to get the HP Envy 14 if they’re looking for a sleek and lightweight laptop that offers excellent battery life.

According to PCMag, a video test was done to see how the HP Envy 14 performed against other brands. Overall, the Envy laptop won.

It lasted for 20 hours and 45 minutes while other brands such as the Acer Swift 3X only lasted for 16 hours, the Asus ZenBook 14 lasted for 16 hours, Lenovo Yoga i9 lasted for 17 hours, and MSI Prestige lasted for 16 hours.

Based on the results, we can see that there is a big gap when it comes to each laptop’s battery life.

Overall, the HP Envy 14 is worth the pretty penny if you’re the type of user who heavily values long battery life.

How Durable Are HP Envy Laptops?

HP Envy laptops are durable since they can withstand drops and scuffs. Their body is made out of aluminum and the LED screen is protected by Gorilla Glass.

In the past, the HP Envy series suffered a blow in regards to its durability. Complaints were coming from several people who’ve bought laptops from the Envy series and were furious about how easily their laptops would break.

The common problems people would encounter with their HP Envy laptops are weak hinges that would snap off over time and overheating issues.

These are problems that were commonly encountered in the past though, so the modern HP Envy laptop models we have today have a better chance at being durable.

We would seldom encounter negative reviews in regards to the durability of Envy laptops today and this just proves that HP has improved the overall build quality of this series.

Although people may be fine with the build quality of the modern Envy series, others would often suggest that the build quality could be improved further.

That being said, the thin aluminum build and Gorilla Glass protection on HP Envy laptops are enough to protect them from minor impacts, drops, and scuffs.

Always remember to be careful when handling your laptop so that it won’t succumb to breakage.

Do They Last As Long As Other Laptops?

HP Envy laptops last longer than other laptops in terms of battery life, however, when it comes to the average lifespan, other brands are superior to the HP Envy series.

We’ll be showing a chart below for a comparison between an HP Envy laptop against competitor laptops to give a gist of their differences in terms of longevity.

HP Envy 1420-hour battery life3-5 year lifespan
Dell Latitude 951018-hour battery life3-5 year lifespan
Asus ExpertBook B945016-hour battery life3-5 year lifespan
Apple MacBook Pro20-hour battery life4-7 year lifespan
Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 1515-hour battery life3-5 year lifespan
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga15-hour battery life3-5 year lifespan

Overall, results have shown that Apple MacBooks are better against all the other laptops shown on the table.

Apple MacBooks are indeed hailed as the king of durability, given that they have long lifespans and great battery life at that too.

How Long Is The Warranty On Hp Envy Laptops?

HP Envy laptops have a standard one-year warranty.

The majority of HP Envy laptops, and other series from HP, would have a standard one-year warranty.

The warranty on these laptops would cover repairs and replacement parts accordingly. Check with HP’s customer support to see what kind of repairs or replacements can be done to your HP Envy laptop.

Lastly, the standard one-year warranty will not cover the following:

  • Accidents, abuse, or use of other HP products outside of the given instructions
  • Non-HP products or peripherals as well as software applications or programs

How To Make HP Envy Laptops Last Longer?

Practice proper battery and charging habits, conduct regular cleaning and maintenance, and handle your HP Envy laptop with care to make them last longer.

To make HP Envy laptops last longer, it’s best if you do proper battery and charging habits to prolong the lifespan of their batteries.

Don’t leave them charging for too long, especially leaving them charging overnight. Conserve battery power, adjust battery plans, use battery health manager, so on and so forth.

To see a more detailed explanation of how you can prolong the battery life of your HP Envy laptop, click on this link.

Next, to make your HP Envy laptop last longer in terms of its lifespan, you have to handle them with utmost care. Avoid dropping them or leaving them in areas where it’s too hot or cold.

Also, avoid eating near your laptop to avoid spillage so that it won’t damage its keyboard and internal components.

Lastly, maintain consistent maintenance and cleaning to prevent your laptop from overheating due to trapped debris inside its vents as well as preventing food particles from reaching its internal components through the crevices of the keyboard.