How Long Do HP Pavilion Laptops Last? (Explained)

HP Pavilion laptops are as famous as the HP Envy laptops and both are equally known for being both good and bad laptops. There have been reports in regards to the longevity of HP Pavilion laptops which people are dissatisfied about.

That being said, how long do HP Pavilion laptops last? How durable are HP Pavilion laptops? Do they last as long as other laptops?


How Long Do HP Pavilion Laptops Last?

HP Pavilion laptops last three to four years in regards to their average lifespan. In terms of battery life, they last for approximately seven hours.

If there’s one thing to note about HP Pavilion laptops, it’s that they don’t have the best reputation when it comes to longevity.

We may even go far as to say that HP laptops, in general, have terrible longevity. Some may disagree with this since their HP Pavilion laptops lasted for more than three years.

Sadly, the majority of HP laptop users state that they won’t be going back to this brand due to hardware issues, especially the infamous hinge problem.

Problems such as hardware issues are also present in HP Pavilion laptops which means it also affects their average lifespan. This is why most HP Pavilion laptops only last two years more or less.

Average Lifespan

Based on reviews we’ve gathered from HP Pavilion users, the average lifespan of an HP Pavilion laptop would be two to three years.

Now, this may not be the longest-lasting laptop you’ll encounter in the market and that’s mainly due to various hardware problems, the most common one being their weak plastic hinges.

The HP Pavilion laptop doesn’t have the best build quality as well. While it may not be the worst thing you’ll encounter in the market, the subpar build quality of this laptop is quite noticeable from the get-go.

When looking at HP laptops from the Pavilion line, you’ll see that it does look sleek and elegant, however, once you get a feel of the laptop you’ll notice that it’s only made out of plastic.

Moreover, when taking a close inspection of the hinge, it doesn’t look all that durable at all. This is probably why a lot of people complain about their HP Pavilion’s hinges breaking off and returning them for repairs only to be met with the same fate soon afterward.

This may not come as a shock to most people, but upon researching various reviews made by HP Pavilion owners, we’ve noticed that ending up with an HP Pavilion laptop with little to no issues is pure luck.

Of course, this “luck” is mainly due to quality control, and like most laptop manufacturers, quality control is a big issue, especially since laptops are mass-produced.

The lucky ones that have owned HP Pavilion laptops with no issues have reaped the benefits of what the laptop can offer.

In terms of longevity, within one year of use, these people would share that their HP Pavilion laptops are as good as new and still performs fast. Also, they didn’t encounter any hardware issues such as their hinges cracking or breaking off completely.

On the other hand, those people who are unfortunate with their HP Pavilion laptops would encounter hardware issues like their hinges breaking within a year of use.

Overall, HP Pavilion laptops have a subpar lifespan and only the lucky ones can experience having a Pavilion laptop last for more than three years.

Battery Life

HP Pavilion laptops have an average battery life of seven to 11 hours. Of course, it’s important to note that how long a Pavilion’s battery would last is dependent on usage.

We’ll be giving a few scenarios shared by HP Pavilion users, first, this one user did a test on their laptop, one for gaming and one for normal use. Take note that the two examples we’re going to mention are users who both own HP Pavilion gaming laptops.

For normal use, this user ended up using the laptop for three hours and 35 minutes, as for gaming, the HP Pavilion didn’t even last them an hour of use.

The example mentioned above is one of those users who had a not-so-good experience with an HP Pavilion laptop.

The next example is more focused on the positive side of the Pavilion gaming laptop. This user was able to get seven hours out of their laptop for light work.

The user further specifies that they were able to use seven hours of light work on Windows and 11 hours of light work on Linux.

As for other HP Pavilion models, refer to the table below and see their average battery life:

HP Pavilion 147 hours and 21 minutes
HP Pavilion 156 hours and 33 minutes
HP Pavilion x360 1512 hours and 11 minutes

Overall, we can’t give a definitive answer when it comes to the HP Pavilion laptop’s battery life since the duration of how long the laptop would last would mostly depend on its usage.

Unfortunately, not all HP Pavilion owners will get to experience the battery life data shown above.

How Durable Are HP Pavilion Laptops?

HP Pavilion laptops aren’t that durable since they’re prone to hinge breakage, moreso, they’re entirely made out of plastic and that makes them weak in protection and more prone to breakage.

There’s no way to sugar coat this, HP Pavilion laptops aren’t the most durable laptops in the market. First and foremost, their build is made up entirely of plastic and that makes them prone to breakage due to drops and other physical impacts.

Compared to aluminum, plastic is a lot weaker. Plastic needs additional materials to make it sturdy and durable whereas aluminum doesn’t.

That being said, in the instance a person drops their HP Pavilion on concrete or any hard surface, their laptop will be a lot more prone to cracking compared to laptops that are made out of aluminum.

Laptops with an aluminum body, for the most part, will only sustain dents because aluminum rarely cracks.

Second, the infamous hinge issues with HP laptops didn’t spare the Pavilion line since they’re also affected by this.

Numerous owners of these laptops have shared similar experiences when it comes to weak hinges wherein it either cracks or breaks off entirely within a year of usage.

Despite having an all-plastic body and weak plastic hinges, we can’t just condemn Pavilion laptops as non-durable laptops.

Why? Some people say that they’ve never experienced any hardware issues with their Pavilion laptops so that serves as a counter to the negative feedback in regards to the weak build quality of these laptops.

Overall, HP Pavilion can both be durable and not durable. Sadly, there’s no definitive answer for this. The best way to prevent your Pavilion laptop from breaking is to handle it with care and prevent it from dropping.

Do They Last As Long As Other Laptops?

No, HP Pavilion laptops don’t last as long as other laptops. Other laptop brands like Lenovo offer similar laptop models comparable to Pavilion laptops often have better battery life and longer lifespans.

We’ll be showing a comparison table below to give you a gist of how vastly different the battery life of an HP Pavilion laptop is compared to other laptops brands.

The data below is gathered from PcMag:

HP Pavilion x360 1512 hours and 11 minutes
HP Pavilion 147 hours and 21 minutes
HP Pavilion 156 hours and 33 minutes
Asus VivoBook Flip 1410 hours and 37 minutes
Dell Inspiron 1510 hours and 10 minutes
Lenovo IdealPad Flex 5 1416 hours and 4 minutes
Lenovo Yoga C740 (15-inch)13 hours and 39 minutes

As you can see on the table presented above, two of HP Pavilion’s laptop models have the shortest battery life.

The Lenovo IdealPad Flex 5 14 is the only one with the longest battery life out of all the laptops on the table as well.

With the exception of the HP Pavilion x360 15, we can confirm that HP Pavilion laptops don’t last as long as other laptops.

As for longevity in terms of lifespan, arguably, the best out of the bunch would be from brands like Dell and Lenovo.

The majority of people in online forums agree that Dell and Lenovo are hard to beat when it comes to durability and longevity.

So if you’re looking for a laptop that would last for more than three years and won’t have its hinges breaking on you, you’d be better off with laptops from Dell or Lenovo.

How Long Is The Warranty On HP Pavilion Laptops?

HP Pavilion laptops have a standard one-year warranty.

Thankfully, HP offers upgradeability with their warranties and have their duration extended.

Moroeso, the coverage can also be expanded and extra protection may also be added to the HP laptops as well.

According to HP’s official website, users can opt to get themselves care pack service plans to protect their laptops and other authorized HP products.

Care pack services will grant users the freedom to choose how long they want their warranty to last. For instance, laptops can either come with a one-year warranty or a three-year warranty, users can opt to extend that duration to their liking.

How To Make HP Pavilion Laptops Last Longer?

Do proper charging habits and proper battery care, always put the laptop inside a case when not in use, ensure that the laptop is receiving proper maintenance

Upgrade the RAM, SSD/HDD, and battery to prolong the laptop’s longevity, and handle the HP Pavilion laptop to make it last longer.

Like all laptops, HP Pavilion laptops need to be well taken care of for it to last long. Some of the things the user can do on their end to prolong the battery life and lifespan of their laptops is first, they have to ensure that they are charging it properly.

Users must only use original HP chargers to avoid any problems in the future such as bloating batteries or batteries not charging at all.

Second, users must ensure that their laptops be kept in a case or a safe area where it’s covered when they’re not using it. This is to prevent the laptop from sustaining damage if it accidentally falls down.

Moreover, laptop cases also protect the laptop from gaining too much dust and debris from blocking its vents. Next, make sure that your HP Pavilion receives consistent maintenance.

Frequently checking the vents for dust and debris build-up, checking the keyboard for food crumbs or liquid spills, checking the hinges and the corner of the LED screen if there are any cracks, and checking the battery if it’s bloated are some examples of maintenance.

Another thing to make Pavilion laptops last longer is to upgrade their RAM, SSD/HDD, and battery.

The performance and longevity of your laptop is reliant on these components, so the bigger the storage and memory, the more efficient your laptop would be.

Replacing the battery will also prolong the life of your laptop since it’s going to be running on a completely new battery.

Doing all these upgrades will ultimately prevent you from getting a brand new laptop since these will help in making them last longer.

Lastly, handle your HP Pavilion with care. If you truly want to prolong the life of your laptop, you’ll have to go back to the basics.

Handling them with utmost care will surely prolong their lifespan so don’t just throw them around and neglect them if you want them to last.