[Solved] JVC TV Remote Not Working? Here’s the Simple Fixed!

Is your JVC TV remote control not working? Fret not, we got a few simple solutions that can help you fix this problem. There can be a number of possible reasons why your JVC TV remote is not working and one of the most common culprits that cause it is the battery.

So most of the time the quickest fix for this problem is by simply changing the batteries with fully loaded ones.


How to Fix JVC TV Remote that is not Working

Try changing the batteries

As we already suggested above, your TV’s remote controller may not work simply just because the batteries have run out of power. This is an inevitable issue that you’ll find come across as you use your television and remote controller as this drains the battery as you go.

An easy way to fix this is to simply replace the batteries. First, check if your controller uses which specific size of battery so you can be sure what size you’ll need to purchase.

This could be two AA or two AAA batteries. You may also opt to use rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to buy them every time its power gets fully drained.

In general, it’s worth noting that different types of batteries are intended for different purposes. With this in mind, we recommend using fresh batteries that came from the same brand and avoiding using different brands of batteries.

The batteries may not be installed correctly

If you already replaced your remote controller’s batteries with fresh, new ones and it still doesn’t work, it may be because they are not properly installed with the correct orientation.

Check if the labels on the positive and negative sides match the ones on your remote controller. The plus sign, or +, indicates positive, while the minus sign, or -, indicates negative. With that said, ensure that the labels of your batteries match the ones on your device.

Once you have checked that this is the case, try to use your remote controller and see if there’s a response from your television.

You may need to reset your JVC TV remote controller

Sometimes, an easy fix is to do a restart if your device is having an issue, in this instance, your TV remote controller. The first thing you’ll want to do is to hold the left navigation wheel button. After that, press the back button and options button for at least 10 seconds.

Next, you will want to check if the remote controller will reset by clicking the Alexa button. An orange color flashing means that the remote controller has been reset. If all the steps do not work, you may attempt the same steps for another round and make sure to hold the buttons down for at least 10 seconds.

Once you have finished resetting your remote controller, you may now pair it with your JVC TV. First, go to the Settings menu. After that, go to Remote and then go to Bluetooth devices.

From here, choose voice remote with Alexa and select the ”Add a new remote” option. From there, follow the on-screen instructions to pair your remote controller.

Check if your remote controller is paired to the television

One of the reasons why your remote controller isn’t working is probably because it’s not yet paired to the television. JVC TV remote controllers are connected via Bluetooth to your television. The first thing you’ll want to do is to verify if it’s connected by clicking the Alexa button on the remote controller.

If there’s a response from your JVC television, then that means it’s already paired with it. Now, if you see a blue color flashing when you press Alexa and you don’t see a response from your television, then it’s most likely that your remote controller has been paired to another TV.

Next, if you don’t see a light on your remote controller, then that could be an indication that your remote controller was already paired with another television beforehand, or the batteries may already be drained.

However, if you see a red light, it’s a good indication that the batteries are almost fully drained, and you need to replace them as soon as you can.

Now, there may also be an instance where it’s still not pairing. In this case, you may need to go to the Settings menu, then to the Device & Software submenu, and from there choose restart.

Highlight restart and then press select. You may be prompted to confirm that you want to restart your television. Simply confirm the action and wait for your TV to restart. Now, you may try to pair your remote controller again to see if it works.

Your JVC TV may not be plugged in properly or not at all

More often than not, your TV remote controller may not be getting a response from your television when you try to turn it on simply because it’s not plugged in properly. Your television may not even be plugged in at all.

In this regard, you may need to check if the plug is securely inside the socket. You may also want to check the status of the wire if there are damages that may be preventing it from turning on. If you find any, get in touch with a local technician to have it repaired.

The main switch may have been switched off

There are several JVC TV models that have the main power switch. This is different and separate from the standby switch. You may check it on the side or under your television. Check to see if your TV is turned on or has power. From there, check if you get a response from your television when you try to turn it on using the remote controller.

Check if your TV is in Standby Mode or has Power

There may be instances, albeit rare, that you need to reset your circuit breaker because it has tripped. It could be caused by a recent power surge, thunderstorms, or the line has been overloaded.

Whatever the reason is, it may be the reason why you’re not getting any response from your television whenever you try to use your remote controller. When this happens, you may try to reset your circuit breaker.

In order to do this, it would first be ideal to unplug any appliance or device that’s associated with the circuit breaker. Once you have located your circuit breaker panel, open the door that covers it. To reset the circuit breaker, flip the switch where the area is indicated. After that, wait for a few seconds, and then flip it back.

Once you’re done, plug in your television and test to see if it’s turning on when you attempt to do so with your remote controller. 

However, it’s also important to note that if you ever notice that there’s a device or appliance that causes the circuit breaker to trip again, there may be faulty wiring that may be an indication of another problem outside of your television and remote controller.

If this is the case, get in touch with a certified technician to help you with this issue.

There may be obstructions preventing your remote from working properly

Despite you seeing flashing lights on your remote controller and the television already turned on, there may be instances where you’re still not getting any response even after pressing multiple buttons on your remote controller.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to check if there are objects or other things causing obstructions from your TV to your remote controller. Remove any possible obstructions that are causing your remote controller to not work.

You may also check your distance from the television as you may already be out of range and you’re not getting any response whenever you press any button. Get in closer and see if it works.

You may need to reset your television

If you’ve already tried to reset your JVC remote controller and you’re still not getting a response from your television even after several attempts, you may try to reset the television instead.

In order to do this, gently pull the power plug from the electrical wall outlet that’s connected to the TV. Doing this will turn the TV off and may reset any issues that are causing the remote controller to not work properly. Now, wait for five minutes. After that, plug the cable of the TV back into the wall outlet.

Once done, you will want to check if you can turn it on using the remote controller. If you get a response, then that means the issue has already been resolved. However, if it doesn’t turn on, it may be caused by other reasons like drained batteries, or something similar.

If your JVC TV remote is still not working after trying all of the solutions we mentioned here, then your next best move is to have a technician check your TV and the remote.

It’s possible that the issue is bigger than you assumed. It could be anything from faulty parts to malfunctioning hardware may it be internally on your TV or the on the remote.