Why Are Dell Latitude Laptops So Expensive? Top 5 Reason (Explained)

So, your previous laptop for work surrendered at last after long years of service!

Well, it is high time to find a new laptop to be your next sidekick for your business.

A friend told you about Dell Latitude, but you have to think twice because of its high price! Why are they so expensive?

Reasons Why Dell Latitude So Expensive

Dell Latitude is so expensive because of its battery life, connectivity, durability, performance, security features, and warranty.

You might be overwhelmed with the countless business laptops in the market, more so with their expensive costs! One of them is Dell, a renowned brand with its famous business line of laptops – the Latitude.

If you are to compare the price of a Latitude with other Dell laptops, it would surely cost more! It is priced 3 times of a Precision laptop and as double as an Inspiron Laptop.

So why do they cost that much?

1. Battery Life

When you are working on a very important report while traveling, your usual worry will be the battery life of your laptop. That is why it is important to ensure that the business laptop that you will get has long battery life so you can finish your reports at full tempo.

Dell Latitude laptops have long battery life compared to the usual consumer laptops which, of course, cost higher than the standard. One of the devices in the market with the best battery life is Dell Latitude 9510. You can continuously surf the Internet at 150 nits of brightness for 17 long hours without charging it.

2. Connectivity

You can always count on Dell Latitude laptops when it comes to connectivity. It is necessary for work that your device has lots of ports and even wireless connectivity as you need to connect multiple peripherals to complete your task faster.

These laptops offer more bandwidth with Wi-Fi 6E. They also feature ExpressConnect where you will be linked to the strongest access points wherever you are.

If Wi-Fi is not available, you can still stay connected and continue your work with 5G or 4G LTE. The new eSIM technology is also offered with Latitude laptops that connect to international carriers without the need to replace your SIM cards.

With the extra and more powerful connections, you can expect the added costs, for sure. The more features you have, the higher the price of a laptop would be.

3. Performance

Dell Latitude laptops are recognized in the market as highly efficient when it comes to productivity and communication of various enterprises. They are highly priced as their capabilities and qualities are beyond the average laptops that you typically see.

Unlike consumer laptops that are just suitable for personal and everyday use, business laptops like Dell Latitude are tailored to assist corporate firms, the government, the education industry, and the healthcare industry.

If you have a noisy environment, you will have no problem with Latitude laptops as they have high-grade speaker phones and Intelligent Audio. These adapt to any setting to minimize noises and echoes.

Dell Latitude laptops have powerful performance with the latest 11th Gen Intel® up to CoreTM i7 vPro® Processors. Dell 9000 and Dell 7000 are crafted for the EvoTM vPro® Platform as well.

Additionally, Dell Latitude is designed for professionals who are highly organized and value time. That is why it is built with Intel® Adaptix™ Technology to pick the applications that you highly prioritize, enabling them to launch faster and run more effectively.

4. Durability

Dell Latitude laptops have better quality inside and out. They usually have a magnesium frame which is way stronger than the plastic frames that Dell Inspiron has.

This line of laptops is designed and crafted to withstand different drastic environments while ensuring to execute the optimum performance. With their grade, you can expect that their parts are top-of-the-notch which means a high price too!

5. Security Features

Dell Latitude laptops are also expensive because of their security. Most of them are equipped with an IR camera for facial login, Fingerprint Reader, FIPS Fingerprint Reader, and Smart Card reader.

With the most advanced technology, Dell Latitude is designed to protect all your work at all costs!

6. Warranty and Support

The warranty period for Dell Latitude laptops is longer than the regular laptops. Typically, the warranty for consumer devices is just 12 months which is way shorter if compared.

For instance, the Latitude 9520 2-in-1 or Laptop has a 3 Years ProSupport with Next Business Day Onsite Service that is included in its price already. If you want to extend it to 4 years, then you need to pay an additional $83.54 and $104.42 for 5 years of ProSupport.

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How Expensive Is Dell Latitude Compared To Other Brands?

Dell Latitude is more expensive compared to other brands like Lenovo, HP, Asus, and Microsoft when it comes to premium business laptops.

When talking about business laptops, you can never dismiss Dell in the top list. There is no doubt that the brand excellently perfected its craft in this line with its Latitude series that are always a pick by big companies.

Its A1 devices are acknowledged in different industries, ignoring their sky-high price that almost cost a fortune for ordinary people. The prices of Dell Latitude laptops start at $400 and way up to $6,000 – definitely an investment to thoroughly think about, right?

But how expensive are Dell Latitude laptops compared to other brands?

Below is a table showing the prices and specs of the premium business laptops in the market, specifically comparing them to Dell Latitude 15 9520 2-in-1.

Top Business Laptops
BrandPriceSpecs / Features
Dell Latitude 15 9520 2-in-1$2,309.01Intel Core i7-1185G7 Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs 16 GB Memory, 512 GB SSD Display: 15”, 1920×1080  
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga G6$2,088.00Intel Core i7-1165G7 Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs 16 GB Memory, 1 TB SSD Display: 14”, 1920×1200  
HP Elite Dragonfly Max$2,259.00Intel Core i7-1185G7 Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs 16 GB Memory, 512 GB SSD Display: 13.30”, 1920×1080  
Asus ExpertBook B9450$1,789.00Intel Core i7-1165G7 Intel Iris Xe Graphics 16 GB Memory, ‎1 TB SSD Display: 14”, 1920 x 1080  
Microsoft Surface Laptop 4$2,299.0011th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 or AMD Ryzen 5 Intel Iris Xe Graphics, AMD Microsoft Surface 16GB Memory, 512 GB SSD Display: 15”, ‎2496 x 1664  

What Are The Most Expensive Dell Latitude Models?

The most expensive Dell Latitude models are the New Latitude 7330 Rugged Laptop, Latitude 5520, Latitude 5420, and Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme Laptop.

You already know that Dell Latitude is not a budget-friendly line of laptops. The laptops from this series can surely empty your not-so-deep pocket if you are thinking of getting one.

You are probably curious which of these laptops has the highest prices. So, here is the list of the 4 most expensive Dell Latitude models:

  • New Latitude 7330 Rugged Laptop – $4,249.00 (Estimated Value: 6,082.33)

This laptop is powerful, advanced, and definitely fully rugged!

You can work with no worries of interruptions as it has long battery life, enabling it to run up to 25 hours. It has a highly responsive touch performance and a swift connection since it is 5G capable.

Likewise, as a rugged device, it can thrive in extreme conditions like a temperature of –20°F to 145°F. Exceptionally, it can be intact still even dropping from up to 6 feet and it has an IP-65 rating as per maximum security against dirt and the likes.

  • Latitude 5520 – $1,399.00 to $4,099.00 (Estimated Value: $2,007.54 to 5,887.41)

This model is available with Windows 10 and Windows 11. It features the new generation of intelligence and has an outstanding battery life where you can choose between a 42WHr battery and a 63Whr battery. Additionally, it can retain connection with up to 450 Mbps LTE mobile broadband speeds.

  • Latitude 5420 – $1,429.00 to $3,739.00 (Estimated Value: $2,050.40 to $5,346.61)

This laptop has almost the same features as the Latitude 5520. Their major difference is more in their dimensions and weight.

Latitude 5520 is bigger and heavier compared to Latitude 5420. Latitude 5520 has a height of 19.87mm, a width of 357.8mm, and a starting weight of 1.59kg. Meanwhile, Latitude 5420 has a height of 19.3mm, a width of 321.4mm, and a starting weight of 1.37kg.

  • Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme Laptop – $3,709.00 (Estimated Value: $5,312.43)

This laptop, as part of the Latitude Rugged family, is prepared and tested to effectively perform the most difficult jobs under the most dangerous circumstances. Its performance is ensured to be of excellence where it can be used in every work environment.

It has a processor of up to 8th Gen Intel® Quad Core™, flexible storage of up to 3TB, and a 14″ resistive multi-touch outdoor viewable FHD display. It is certified by IP-65 ingress protection and supports both glove touch and a passive pen.

Are Dell Latitude Laptops Worth To Buy?

Yes, Dell Latitude laptops are worth buying. They have sleek and functional designs, feature sustainability, offer superior performance, have a great display, are highly durable, and have reliable after-sale support.

Compared to consumer laptops, business laptops are priced at a premium; thus, you might wonder if they are really worth buying.

Since the introduction of Dell Latitude in 1994, it has never failed to continuously level up its game in the industry. Its models are competitively designed to serve their main purpose so their users are really satisfied and pleased with their purchase.

Definitely, Dell Latitude laptops are worth buying because of their quality and performance!

They have functional designs where their wide narrow border screens are developed with a thermal-cooling system to maximize operations. Their casings also feature CNC aluminum and have edges that are diamond cut – all tailored to achieve a comfortable typing experience!

Dell Latitude is also keeping sustainability and is EPEAT Gold registered. It is using reclaimed carbon fiber and bioplastics for its 5000 Series. It also uses 100% recycled materials for its packaging trays and uses low VOC waterborne paint for painting all its laptops’ parts.

Dell Latitude is also worth purchasing because it has Dell Optimizer which features ExpressResponse, ExpressCharge, and ExpessConnect. Its laptops are also equipped with hardware-based security features and the newest 11th Gen Intel® up to CoreTM i7 vPro® Processors.

The laptops from this line have state-of-the-art connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E, 4G LTE, and eSIM options. They have long battery life as well which will leave you with no worries especially when you always travel or go to places with limited electricity.

Additionally, the display quality of these laptops is beyond compare as their pictures are of vibrant colors. They are also equipped with ComfortView Plus for decreasing the emissions of blue light which is quite dangerous.

Further, Dell Latitude laptops are a great pick because of their durability. Their frames are made of magnesium alloy and their other parts are of top-grade.

Lastly, these laptops are notable because of their better warranty and after-sale support compared to other Dell laptops.

Dell Latitude Alternatives

With the numerous business laptops that you will stumble upon, it is really a challenge to come down with one specific device that will accommodate your work demands. Choosing your new business laptop can stress you a bit so the best thing to do is to set your preference first, know your budget, and from then, do the comparisons.

If you happen to set your eyes for Dell Latitude 7285 first, you will surely want to know other alternative laptops for it still. It is understandable to have second thoughts as buying this type of device is really an investment with the big amount involved!

Below are some of the best alternatives for Dell Latitude 7285.

  • Acer Spin 1
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13″
  • HP Elite x2 1013 G3
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
  • Microsoft Surface Pro


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