Are Razer Laptops Reliable? Yes/No. Here’s Why! (Explained)

Razer laptops are no stranger in the laptop community and they’re highly regarded due to their premium build quality and performance. Having a great build quality is one thing, the question is, are they reliable?

Are Razer laptops reliable? If so, how reliable are they? Why does everyone prefer Razer laptops? And what do users say about reliability?

Are Razer Laptops Reliable?

Razer laptops can both be reliable and unreliable—it all boils down to how it’s being handled. Razer laptops have several issues to them and these would mainly be battery bloating, motherboard issues, overheating, and constant blue screens.

Also, Razer laptops are known to have bad battery life and a short lifespan, so in that aspect, they’re not deemed as reliable. However, they are reliable in terms of performance such as gaming and daily tasks such as browsing and streaming.

Reliability is a big factor when it comes to the laptop community, and sadly, Razer isn’t the first brand to come to mind when looking for the most reliable laptop brand. Why so?

Razer is notorious for tons of issues and this is mainly the reason behind people backing out from purchasing laptops from this brand.

While it may be normal to stumble on negative feedback in various online forums since people would always share their bad experiences instead of good ones, that in itself is already a warning sign to the majority of people looking for reliable laptops.

For some, it’s completely alright to see negative reviews on laptops and still purchase them at the end of the day due to a few positive reviews that other fellow laptop enthusiasts share—however that may not be the case for everyone.

Since the majority of Razer laptop reviews we see online, especially those shared by multiple users in various online forums, dominate over positive reviews, they serve as a red flag for others and will completely steer clear from Razer laptops.

That being said, negative reviews are mostly due to neglect on the user’s end, however, others take care of their laptops and still experience a lot of issues.

For instance, users would often complain about battery swelling, and this type of issue could occur at any given time.

For some, their Razer laptop’s battery swells after a month or six months, while others may experience it after one to two years. The results would vary per person and it would most likely have something to do with how the laptop is being used.

That’s just one problem out of many, for the other issues, we’ll tackle those as you read along with the article.

As for the reliability of Razer laptops, they seem to be below average to average, in some rare cases, they are very reliable to the point that they pass the 4-year mark.

The reliability of Razer laptops in terms of longevity would also vary depending on how the laptop is being used.

For some, they’re lucky enough to not experience any overheating or battery swelling issues despite running their laptop on demanding games and applications.

How Reliable Are Razer Laptops?

Razer laptops are reliable to the point that their build quality can withstand drops and other heavy impacts. Also, the performance on these laptops is remarkable.

Razer laptops can easily support and run any demanding software or games with little to no drop in performance.

Razer laptops aren’t all that bad as some people make them out to be, if taken care of properly, people would reap the majority of a Razer laptop’s reliability.

Only a few people would experience the fullness of a Razer laptop’s reliability since most users that complain about their Razer laptop mishandle them a lot.

That being said, if users take good care of their Razer laptops (such as performing regular maintenance like dust cleanup from the vents and fans), then they experience the reliability of Razer laptops.

Razer laptops are reliable, especially when we look at their build quality. The build quality on Razer laptops is just immaculate, appearance-wise and durability-wise.

So if you’re the type of user who takes importance in durability, then look no further since Razer is an expert in this regard.

Razer laptops are reliable in terms of durability to the point that they can survive drops and other impacts.

One user shared their experience wherein they dropped their Razer laptop hard on the floor and the laptop’s chassis showed no sign of dents, just a speck of scuffing.

The durability of the chassis on Razer laptops is strengthened through the process of anodizing the aluminum and this makes them resistant to drops, scuffs, and other impacts.

The biggest reliability factor of Razer laptops would be their performance. With the latest Razer Blades and Razer Stealths that all run on high-performing specs such as 30 Series GPUs, they’re able to provide consistent performance.

Razer laptops are eye-candy to a specific target market that values performance over everything.

The performance will have something to do with gaming, multimedia use (content creation and production), and daily tasks. While Razer laptops may provide consistency when running such demanding applications, they’re not considered ideal for max performance.

Why? Razer laptops tend to overheat, this is especially true when it’s simultaneously running demanding applications.

When a Razer laptop overheats, it gets so hot that other users complain that it scorches them to the touch.

That being said, some users claim that the cooling system of Razer laptops works so efficiently that it’s able to reduce the heat from the laptop quickly. In retrospect, Razer cooling systems can also be considered reliable.

Going back to the overheating issue with Razer laptops, this would be bad for them in the long run since it would affect their overall lifespan.

Knowing Razer laptops, they don’t live that long. The maximum lifespan these laptops can last is four years, the minimum would be two years.

So in terms of max performance, although Razer’s able to handle it, it’s not recommended due to the shortness of its lifespan. To make the most out of Razer laptops, it’s best to not abuse them too much in terms of performance.

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Razer Laptops Reliability Factors

Build quality, battery life, durability, longevity, and performance are the reliability factors of Razer laptops.

Razer laptops shine when it comes to build quality, durability, and performance. Sadly, the same can’t be said for their battery life and longevity.

A big chunk that makes up the reliability of Razer laptops would include the following factors: build quality, battery life, durability, longevity, and performance.

The aforementioned factors must be taken into careful consideration when gauging the reliability of Razer laptops.

You’d be surprised that Razer laptops don’t shine in all factors mentioned. Razer laptops are superb when it comes to build quality, durability, and performance—as for the other three, they don’t excel in that department.

There’s no doubt that Razer laptops have a lot of potential and they can easily topple over other laptop brands, but due to their downsides, it hinders them from coming out as the best (gaming) laptop brand.

Let’s get this out of the way first, it’s given that the build quality of Razer laptops are exceptional and this makes them very durable.

If you’re looking for a laptop that’s thin and lightweight and can withstand drops, scuffs, and other impacts, then Razer would be your best bet.

Next, if you’re looking for a laptop that can handle mid to heavy workload, then Razer’s got your back. Razer laptops are composed of high-end components which provide a seamless experience.

So whether you’re gaming, streaming a good series, rendering art, or coding, rest assured that Razer laptops would be able to handle that kind of workload.

Now, another thing that users must look at is battery life. The battery life of Razer laptops isn’t good. So if you’re the type of person that favors long sessions with their laptops, then Razer isn’t the brand for you.

Razer can only last for three to five hours on average. You have to take note that the battery life may be shorter depending on its usage.

Another thing that users must be on the lookout for in terms of reliability is longevity. Laptops that don’t have a decent lifespan can’t be considered reliable.

The longevity of Razer laptops isn’t that long and other laptop brands can easily outlive them. The average lifespan of Razer laptops would be two to three years.

People are lucky if they get to reach four to five years, then there are special cases wherein their Razer laptops lasted for 10 years.

The longevity of a Razer laptop, and for any laptop for that matter, would depend on how the laptop is being handled.

Why Does Everyone Prefer Razer Laptops?

Everyone prefers Razer laptops due to their sleek and durable build quality as well as consistent performance.

It may be hard to believe, but there are users out there that are willing to set aside the various negative feedback they read online just so they can fully enjoy their Razer laptops and keep purchasing them once their laptops break.

These people don’t mind the numerous issues that are common with Razer laptops such as bloating batteries and overheating since they state that these can easily be prevented or fixed.

When you ask someone why they prefer Razer laptops compared to other brands, they will always mention its superior build quality.

Having great or bad build quality is considered to be a dealbreaker for most laptop enthusiasts, more so to an extent that they would much rather prefer to have a laptop that has decent build quality over performance.

Moreover, Razer laptops are the closest you can get to MacBooks. Based on multiple user reviews, Razer laptops are a head-turner. They look sleek, professional, and to top it off, they’re durable.

People love Razer laptops because they don’t feel flimsy at all and they won’t easily succumb to occasional drops and this is why they prefer Razer laptops over other brands.

Another reason why everyone prefers Razer laptops is because of their performance. Others argue that Razer laptops are built like a tank.

It’s durable and can withstand impacts, and at the same time, it’s able to run demanding applications with little to no drop in performance.

People easily forget about minor hiccups they’ve encountered with their Razer laptops all thanks to the performance it’s able to provide for its users.

What Are The Most Reliable Razer Laptop Models?

The Razer Blade 15 and Razer Book 13 are the most reliable Razer laptop models.

The reason why we only included two of these Razer laptop models is that all other Razer laptop models have below-average battery life.

Longevity is an important reliability factor and once a laptop doesn’t meet the requirements to be considered a reliable laptop, then sadly, it can never be identified as a reliable laptop.

The same can be said for several Razer laptop models such as Razer Blade 17 and Razer Blade Stealth 13.

Both of these laptop models have poor battery life and will only last about three hours of usage. Whether it’d be used for gaming or any sort of daily task, the battery will not last long.

As for the Razer Blade 15, this has decent battery life and a long-ish lifespan. One user reported that they’ve been using their Razer Blade 15 for more than a year and they’ve yet to encounter any issues with their unit.

Moreover, they’ve experienced 10 hours of usage on a single charge cycle with their Razer Blade 15. Needless to say, this Razer laptop model is pretty reliable in its own right.

Not only does the Razer Blade 15 tick the boxes when it comes to longevity, but they’re also very durable laptops.

Lastly, these laptops are considered reliable thanks to their high-performing specs. Between the two, the Razer Blade 15 would be the best option.

Why Are Razer Laptops Unreliable?

Razer laptops are unreliable due to the staggering amount of issues they have. Bloating batteries, overheating, and short lifespan (both average lifespan and battery life).

It’s not new for people in the laptop community to point out the various problems encountered with Razer laptops.

The ones mentioned above are some of the most common issues with Razer laptops and this makes them unreliable as a whole.

First off, Razer laptops are commonly known for developing bloating batteries.

Due to the thin build of Razer laptops, the batteries technically have little space, so when heat generates (especially due to heavy gaming or running demanding applications) the battery will be exposed to heat and result in bloating.

The lack of space inside the compact build of a Razer laptop would make air less likely to pass through the laptop and effectively cool it down.

Based on what several users have shared, they all believe that the compact build of Razer laptops is one of the culprits for their bloating batteries.

Another thing, Razer laptops overheat a lot and this renders them useless to use since users will find them too hot to touch to continue their work.

Although the cooling systems used in Razer laptops do work fast, it still doesn’t remove the fact that Razer laptops have overheating issues.

Some users have reported that even though they’re only using their Razer laptops for light workload it still gets hot. They also share that due to overheating, their laptop’s screen flickers on and off.

Lastly, the longevity of Razer laptops makes them unreliable altogether. Razer laptops take the cake when it comes to having short battery life and short lifespan.

Razer laptops would last (on average) for three hours under regular usage while their lifespan is generally short, typically you would have them last for two to three years.

Some are rather unfortunate when it comes to how long their laptops lasted due to several issues occurring and shortening their laptop’s lifespan further.

For example, one user complained that their Razer Blade 15 kept having bloated batteries so they had to have a change of battery every nine to 12 months.

One user shared that one out of four Razer laptops they’ve owned had developed a bloated battery in just 11 months of use. This issue still occurred despite having the laptop undervolted and dusted every month.

Overall, the various issues commonly encountered with Razer laptops make them unreliable to the point that it even drives potential buyers away.

In the end, it’s up to the user on whether or not they will still go through with buying Razer laptops.

These laptops are great, no doubt about that, however, they do come with several problems—purchase at your own risk.