How Long Do Dell XPS Laptops Last? (Read This First)

If you are in search of a new laptop, you will certainly stumble upon Dell and its famous line, the XPS. May it be for personal use, gaming, work, or business – this line will surely offer something for you!

But wait, they sound promising, but how long do Dell XPS laptops last?

How Long Do Dell XPS Laptops Last?

Dell XPS laptops last up to 6 years or even more when used and maintained appropriately.

Dell is one of the recognized laptop brands all over the map. It has successfully established its name when it comes to quality, innovation, style, and durability – catering to everyone’s needs!

Its XPS line is famous for its exquisite laptop models that never fail to upgrade every year, making it to the various lists of the best laptops. This line is one of the talks of the town with its laptops’ superior performance, fantastic display, and long battery life.

With all these great sets of feedback, you certainly want to know how long these laptops last. Well, Dell XPS laptops can last as long as 6 years or even more. 

The long life of Dell XPS laptops are, of course, the result of proper usage, care, and regular maintenance. So, if you are too busy to tend to your device’s needs, then expect that it will deteriorate faster.

However, take note that though Dell XPS laptops can survive for many years, they will no longer be as exceptional as before. Their operations will be limited as they last long, their components are getting outdated too.

Their components are no longer fully capable of running modern applications. Dell XPS laptops can surely have a long life, yet the tasks that they can perform are narrowed.

How Durable Dell XPS Laptops Are?

Dell XPS laptops are highly durable.

Dell XPS laptops are an ultimate award-winning line because of their outstanding quality and design that cater undoubtedly to the preference of the users. They are always included in the list of the best laptops which strengthen their reputation when it comes to durability.

Dell XPS laptops are designed to be of great power and performance. Dell said that it does not want to settle and it “pushed every limit of XPS”. XPS laptops are of premium designs and are built by only experts.

To ensure durability, this line of laptops has an advanced thermal design and robust Intel processors. These laptops have longer battery life too compared to other Dell laptops.

They are lightweight and are made of aluminum and carbon fiber to ensure they will last longer. They are made of high-quality materials which also boost their reliability.

How Long Do Dell XPS Laptops Last On Average?

Dell XPS laptops last between 3 to 5 years on average with a battery life of 6 to 10 hours.

Dell XPS laptops can strongly compete with premium laptops of other brands because of their quality and features. Definitely, they are no underdog in the market and are surely included in the list of recommended laptops for any use.

As they are designed to be of superior performance, they are ensured to last long as well. So, how many years can you expect them to stay with you?

On average, XPS laptops’ lifespan is between 3 to 5 years. Within these years, you can expect your laptop to be of efficient operation and less likely to encounter problems.

Do They Last As Long As Other Laptops?

Yes, Dell XPS laptops last as long as other laptops, having an average life span of 3 to 5 years.

With the abundant selection in the market, it can be nerve-racking for some people to pick the perfect laptop for them. Not all are clued-up to the specifications of laptops that will suit their needs.

Hence, before you choose a specific brand, you should research it thoroughly, especially its lifespan. And, as you might consider Dell XPS as your next device at work or just for daily use, you may want to know how long it outlasts compared to other laptops.

Well, Dell XPS laptops last as long as other laptops. As experts estimate and based on experiences, a laptop lasts between 3 to 5 years on average which is the case for Dell XPS and other brands like Asus, HP, and Lenovo.

How Long Is The Warranty On Dell XPS Laptops?

The warranty on Dell XPS laptops is one year but you can extend it based on your preference.

One of the important elements in your checklist when purchasing a new laptop is the warranty. This is an advantage for customers to make sure that their purchase is protected from whatever defects there can be due to workmanship.

As your next laptop of choice, you surely want to know how long is the warranty of Dell XPS. Well, it has a standard one-year warranty together with reliable premium support.

During this one year, any hardware failures on your laptop can be fixed for free or with a minimal charge. Yet, the defects are still subject to some conditions which usually do not cover damages caused by the irresponsible usage of the owners.

Good news if you want to have an additional year of warranty as Dell offers warranty extension. If you buy a Dell XPS through its website, you can avail additional one-year warranty for $88 or $150 for two more years. You can purchase the warranty extension while your Dell XPS is under its standard warranty.

Further, you can also purchase an extra “accidental damage service” for $52 covering one year. This is a different offer stretching the warranty for computing accidents like getting your laptop wet as you carelessly spill your quencher on it!

You should know the details of your warranty to know the specific protection you can avail for your Dell XPS. You can simply check the details online on Dell’s website. It is very convenient – you can do all the registration, checking of warranty status, renewing, and extending of warranty online!

How To Make Dell XPS Laptops Last Longer?

To make Dell XPS laptops last longer, you need to regularly clean them, update them, accessorize them, upgrade them, and spoil them.

Every laptop is an investment, which is exactly the case for Dell XPS laptops as some of them really make a pretty penny! So, if you are to get an XPS laptop, you certainly want to preserve its pinnacle condition as years go by to fully enjoy the value of your money.

Don’t worry as there are a lot of various practices to maximize the lifespan of your XPS laptop. As long as you will somewhat “spoil” it, you can be at peace that it will stay with you even longer than you anticipated.

Below are 5 simple ways to make your new Dell XPS laptops last longer:

  • Regular cleaning on the inside and the outside

Cleaning your XPS laptop is a basic yet highly important task that you must for routinely. And with this cleaning, it is not only the outside part like keyboard or monitor, rather even the files inside your laptop.

For cleaning the outside, you should be mindful of any gunk that can get stuck in your laptop like dust or stains. Using a specific tool for cleaning is advisable to ensure proper tending and to prevent any damage. For instance, a specific brush and vacuum for the keyboard and a special cleaning agent for the touchpad and monitor.

For the inside, you can defragment the hard drive of the laptop once a month to prevent slow performance. You should also delete unimportant files and applications that are just taking extra space in your device. The lesser the better for fast operation; otherwise, you may have additional RAM if you need to do lots of saving and downloading.

  • Keep it updated

Another way to make Dell XPS laptops last longer is through regular updates. You should make sure to always update your applications, operating system, and virus protection. You can simply set your laptop for automatic updates so it will not be a hassle for you. 

  • Use accessories with it

You may also use accessories with your Dell XPS laptops to prevent early deterioration. For instance, you can use a mouse occasionally instead of the touchpad all the time.

Using accessories can also extend the life of your laptop if its parts get damaged, like the keyboard, you can get an external keyboard as a substitute since the system itself of the device is still working.

  • Upgrade it

Upgrading your Dell XPS laptop will surely help so it will stay with you for more years.

For instance, if you have too many files and you do not have enough storage, an external drive can be an instant upgrade. Additionally, when the life of your laptop is running short, you might need to replace its battery for excellent performance again.

  • Spoil it

Yes, spoiling your Dell XPS laptop will surely extend its lifespan! Spoiling means giving it extra care whether you are using it or not.

First off, always keep it cool and do not place it where it can get burnt under the sunlight. Likewise, in an environment where it might overheat as too high temperature can damage it for sure.

Next, as much as possible put it in a safe place where it will not get wet, accumulate too much dirt, or where kids or animals cannot touch it. Put it in a place where it is less likely to be damaged when you are not using or watching it.

Third, if ever you can, avoid eating or drinking while using your laptop. The crumbs of your food and the spill of your beverage can surely cause problems later on with your XPS laptop’s performance.

Additionally, providing some cushion to your laptop is a simple yet helpful thing to make it last longer. Put it in a padded case if you need to bring it outdoors to make sure it is safe from any harsh conditions when you travel. Likewise, for accidents like sudden bumping, the case prevents any scratch or lessens possible breaking.

Do not also leave your XPS laptop charging 24/7. Keep its cord in good shape as well as the connectors and joints can be damaged right away with wrong rolling or bending.

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What Are The Most Durable Dell XPS Laptop Models?

The most durable Dell XPS laptop models are the XPS 13 OLED, XPS 15 OLED, and XPS 17.

With a wide range of options to choose from the XPS line, it is really a challenge to pick which is the best for you.

But, if you are to look for the most durable models in this line, which do you think will be the winners?

Well, below are the 3 XPS laptops that are at par with other XPS models when it comes to durability.

  • XPS 13 OLED (9310) – $1699.99
  • XPS 15 OLED (9510) – $1273.00
  • XPS 17 (9710) – $1549.00


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